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County Commission Dist. 6

Term: 4 yearsThe commissioner makes policy for the county, adopts county budgets, approves taxation and financial decisions, adopts ordinances, and makes land-use decisions. The commissioner is responsible for all county legal matters, health services, social services, highway and other safety programs, personnel, benefits, grievances, recreational facilities, county roads, sewers, solid waste, all county vehicles, garages, and parking lots. The commissioner also approves the sale of delinquent tax property.

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    Ruth Jeno

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    David Sharpe

Información Biográfica

What was your impression of the county’s redistricting process and the new 11-district map adopted last fall?

What is your position on providing discretionary funds to each Hamilton County commissioner?

A Chattanooga Times Free Press report states that homelessness in Hamilton County increased 81% in one year. How would you work to remedy the situation of homelessness in our county?

What is your position on the county relinquishing control of Erlanger Hospital?

Do you think there is sufficient diversity in county government? If not, how would you change that?

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The redistricting process was open and transparent to the public; all meetings were conducted in open sessions with all requests from the commissioners vetted through Chairwoman Smedley. Being from a small city who has traditionally been split into two districts, I found the decision to keep small cities within one district a favorable decision. The decision to expand the number of districts was justified by the population growth in Hamilton County.
I have mixed feelings about the discretionary funds, in the past the use of the funds have been questioned. I also see the good that comes from the funds being used properly, park improvements, dog parks, playground equipment and ball fields have been build and renovated. I also see the benefit of using the funds to finance a major project.
This is a critical situation that has to be addressed jointly by the city and county. Addressing mental health issues is a top priority. More low-income housing is needed to ease the burden. Mayor Kelly has initiated a safe campsite downtown with plans to build community bathrooms. This is a good start, but why just a tent city, why not tiny homes? They would be safer and lead to a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment. Giving people a sense of normalcy and restoring their dignity, providing them with the resources to hopefully gain meaningful employment and re-enter society. The migration of homeless people from other areas outside our county has increased our homeless population.
I think it should be seriously considered, Erlanger functions as a Hospital Authority, the transition would be smooth and effective providing the hospital the opportunity to work with other non-profit hospitals making them more efficient.
I do believe diversity in all government is lacking. Leadership begins with education, civics classes teaching our children the rights and obligations of citizenship should be required in our schools. Supporting and encouraging our minority population to take a active role and engage in local government and politics is the first step in changing the situation. Educating our children and giving them role models will encourage them to be leaders in government and take active leadership roles.
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The process was flawed, self-serving, and cloaked in secrecy. I believe that ultimately, Hamilton County will be better served with more (smaller) districts but the commission stopped short of thoroughly vetting our options and the implications of our decision.
At this point the conversation around ​discretionary funds is unproductive and ultimately a distraction from larger and more pressing issues that demand attention from the County Commission (things like wastewater and school facilities). In the past, discretionary funds have been used to address critical, community-level issues that would otherwise go unnoticed, but the funds have also been abused for political gain and cronyism. For this reason, any future proposals to reinstate discretionary f
This is a challenging problem with no simple solution. Over the last year I have been meeting with stakeholders around the community to discuss how Hamilton County can partner with them to address homelessness and housing insecurity. Through these conversations, it has become clear that producing housing security for low income earners locally will ultimately require a multifaceted approach or zoning changes, fee reductions, and subsidies. As we continue these conversations, a package combining the above into multiple options will be critical to not only produce housing that is affordable and fits the needs of our citizens, but to ensure that the plans are sustainable and help to create financial stability for those who are served.
I believe that our goal should not be focused necessarily on control but on sustainability and level of service. Erlanger has been a tremendous asset to Hamilton County and our region for more than a century and it must continue in that tradition of providing healthcare to all of our community. It is important to remember that Erlanger serves 20 counties in four states and also serves as our safety net hospital and academic medical center. Any changes to Erlanger’s structure must support each of those missions while also improving its competitive position and strengthening it over the long term. If all of these objectives cannot be accomplished we should not move forward with changes.
As the United States continues to become more ethnically diverse, so does our representation in government, our workforce, and our schools. With the latter being our future workforce (and most diverse generation), it is becoming apparent that cultural diversity is a catalyst for attracting talent and innovation. To become a more relevant option for the diverse talent newly entering the workforce, employers (including Hamilton County) must be intentional in hiring practices in an effort to increase diversity in our community. As the population of Hamilton County continues to grow and diversify, county government should reflect those changes both in its elected officials, and its staffing decisions.