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Register of Deeds

Term: 4 yearsThe principal duty of the register of reeds is to record deeds and other materials that are required or allowed to be filed by law. Deeds, powers of attorney, mortgages, marriage settlements, plats and military discharges are some of these materials. The register of deeds is also responsible for collecting and keeping track of fees and taxes as allowed by law.

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    Marc Gravitt

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What do you see as the most important function of the register of deeds office?

What are the most important qualifications or characteristics for a register of deeds to possess?

There are multiple important functions the Register’s Office is required to perform. Below are just a few, not listed in any order of importance:

First is the all-encompassing, customer service for the citizens.

Checking documents to insure they meet the requirements for recordation.

Placing documents in the public record in a timely manner.

Collecting the statutory required transfer fees and mortgage taxes, then remitting to the Tn. Dept. of Revenue.
Knowledge of the statutory required duties the office must perform. Keep staff updated on any legislation that may impact our office.

Patience. Listening to a customer’s needs or what they’re trying to accomplish. Sometimes a customer isn’t sure what they need.