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County School Board Dist. 3

The school board develops school policies and adopts a budget for school buildings, staff, materials, and equipment. It evaluates the effectiveness of school policies and develops goals for educational improvement in alignment with the TN Board of Education. It keeps citizens informed about the schools and keeps the schools informed about the needs and wishes of the public. It works to pass laws advancing the cause of improving education, and to repeal or modify existing laws and defeat proposed laws impeding that cause. Members should understand relevant laws and regulations and vote and act impartially for the good of the school system.

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    Jenn Piroth

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    Joe Smith

Información Biográfica

Who should have the most say regarding educational materials for our schools? Please rank from most (1) to least (4) important: parents; teachers; librarians; school boards.

Do you believe Critical Race Theory is being taught in our schools, and if so at what level?

What is your position on local control of charter schools?

What is your position on vouchers?

How would you improve communications between the school board, parents, and the local community?

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Parents Teachers School Boards Librarians
By some teachers, yes I believe it is. CRT at its core devides people. You are either an oppressor or a victim. History should be taught however, not in a way to create anger and hatred.
I am all for parents having as many choices as possible for the education of their children.
The tax payers paid the money for the education of their children. If one chooses they should be allowed vouchers to fund their child's education opportunities
I feel over the past 6 years a lot of steps haven taken place with regard to creating a culture of transparency especially with school system budgets. I want to see more work done with regard to hearing parents concern. Our current process allows anyone to come speak at Board meetings. I would like to see perhaps additional meetings that would allow the board to ask questions and engage with parents and dig into any concerns they may present with.