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County School Board Dist. 5

The school board develops school policies and adopts a budget for school buildings, staff, materials, and equipment. It evaluates the effectiveness of school policies and develops goals for educational improvement in alignment with the TN Board of Education. It keeps citizens informed about the schools and keeps the schools informed about the needs and wishes of the public. It works to pass laws advancing the cause of improving education, and to repeal or modify existing laws and defeat proposed laws impeding that cause. Members should understand relevant laws and regulations and vote and act impartially for the good of the school system.

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    Karitsa Mosley Jones

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    Charles Paty

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Who should have the most say regarding educational materials for our schools? Please rank from most (1) to least (4) important: parents; teachers; librarians; school boards.

Do you believe Critical Race Theory is being taught in our schools, and if so at what level?

What is your position on local control of charter schools?

What is your position on vouchers?

How would you improve communications between the school board, parents, and the local community?

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(1) School Boards (2) Parents (3) Teachers (4) Librarians
I believe that it was being incorporated into curriculum in some course work. However, our state Legislature has now past a law banning the teaching of CRT; and any attempts by any teacher to incorporate CRT into course work should be dealt with appropriately by administration. If parents want to teach or espouse CRT to their children, then that is the parent's right; but not the schools.
Local school boards should have some control over charter schools. Elected school board members are in the better position to know what is in the best interests of local educational issues within the community. Elected school board members are the people who should know, with input from their constituents, what is and is not needed within the community that the school board serves. Charter schools are still taxpayer funded and therefore should be subject to oversight by local school boards. After all, taxpayers have a right to oversee through elected officials, how taxpayer funds are being spent.
I am not a fan of vouchers. I don't support taxpayer dollars being given to parents to use to send children to private schools. Basically it amounts throwing our hands up and saying we give up. Providing a PUBLIC education is so important that it is written in our state constitution. By giving vouchers, you are diverting taxpayer dollars to enriching private schools. It is not always the fault of a school that a student may be struggling. Home life is a huge factor that vouchers will not fix. Individual schools need to be given the resources to help students who do struggle; not diverting public funds to the private schools. Parents have for years found a way to send their children to private schools without public taxpayer funds.
There is never enough time in school board meetings to address parental concerns and issues. I would propose to meet with each school's parents, teachers and administration on an individual basis at regular intervals to try to address concerns and issues and, if necessary, take those concerns and issues to school board meetings for discussion as an agenda item.