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County School Board Dist. 11

The school board develops school policies and adopts a budget for school buildings, staff, materials, and equipment. It evaluates the effectiveness of school policies and develops goals for educational improvement in alignment with the TN Board of Education. It keeps citizens informed about the schools and keeps the schools informed about the needs and wishes of the public. It works to pass laws advancing the cause of improving education, and to repeal or modify existing laws and defeat proposed laws impeding that cause. Members should understand relevant laws and regulations and vote and act impartially for the good of the school system.

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    Jill Black

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    Virginia Anne Manson

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    Steve McKinney

Información Biográfica

Who should have the most say regarding educational materials for our schools? Please rank from most (1) to least (4) important: parents; teachers; librarians; school boards.

Do you believe Critical Race Theory is being taught in our schools, and if so at what level?

What is your position on local control of charter schools?

What is your position on vouchers?

How would you improve communications between the school board, parents, and the local community?

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The state gives curriculum options to local school boards. Our school board enlists teachers and other stakeholders to review and recommend a curriculum from the state-approved options. Policy allows parents and community members the opportunity to review educational material. Everyone has opportunity for input as it stands. These stakeholders each have a role. Educators should be respected for their expertise and dedication to their students. Parents are the best advocates for their own children’s needs. And school board members must problem solve and address issues for the greatest good of the system and its students. We must all work together for the best interest of students. When we are pitted against one another, the students lose.
State law prohibits teaching CRT in school, therefore it is not taught in Hamilton County Schools.
Charter schools will use local tax dollars, and for that reason, the local school board must be in control. Politicians in Nashville should not be mandating how locally generated tax dollars are spent. It’s been shocking to see our state leaders systematically take over control of our local boards and tax dollars. Our local school boards know the needs of their communities and their student populations best. Local taxes must be used for local decisions.
The voucher programs that have been proposed in TN will have a drastic impact on public schools with little to no accountability for educational standards or taxpayer money. Unlike voucher programs, our public education system cannot pick and choose its students. We serve everyone. And we don’t improve the public education system by diverting money away from it through voucher programs.
As a school board member, I want to hear from all stakeholders in the community who are invested in improving public education for the students of Hamilton County Schools. Partnerships between our schools and the broader community are vital to meeting the needs and educational goals of our student population. We must continually prioritize the best interest of Hamilton County students, so that we may be productive and respectful in our communication when working together.
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Teachers, Parents, School Boards. Librarians,
Yes, Middle and High School
Research indicates a good relationship between public and charter schools. Ongoing dialogue and clear communication will establish the needed control. Yes, local control of charter schools is prudent.
Not a fan. Not against. Just not for. Similar to the charter schools question, there must be ongoing dialogue and clear communication for voucher to work.
Open Forums for communication.