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DC United States Representative

United States Representative (Shadow Representative)Duties: (1) Shall inform the Congress and individual members of Congress that the District of Columbia residents meet the standards traditionally required by Congress for the admission of a United States territory as a state of the United States;(2) Shall monitor the progress of the petition for admission of New Columbia to statehood pending before the Congress and report on the progress to the District of Columbia residents; (3) May advise the District of Columbia on matters of public policy that bear on the achievement of statehood;(4) In accordance with subsection (g) of this section, may employ staff and expend funds donated by private sources for public purposes related to the achievement of statehood; and 5) Shall have any other powers or duties as may be provided by law. (Source: DC Official Code 2001 DC ST § 1-123 (f) 1-5)Term: 2 yearsSalary: None

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    Oye Owolewa

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    Joyce Robinson-Paul

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What plans should be made, and actions taken right now to prepare DC for statehood?

How will you increase national awareness of D.C.'s lack of democratic equality?

Beyond statehood, what are your two top priorities and how would you address them?

Education Doctor of Pharmacy
Qualifications US Representative (DC)- Served 1 term
To best prepare for DC Statehood, the “Tennessee Plan” approach led by Mayor Bowser will place control back in the hands of Washingtonians to petition Congress for state admission. We have a high majority (over 85%) of Washingtonians to support the DC Admission Act, satisfy additional requirements, and pass the bill through the Senate and have it signed by the President.

Our office has made strides by gaining support from other state legislatures like West Virginia to introduce and support the DC Admissions Act. This support from other state legislatures creates a nationwide synergy that the District deserves to be admitted as the 51st state and that DC Statehood holds merit.
As the US Representative of the District, I have been featured in several articles and spoken at over a dozen marches. In every public capacity, DC Statehood is the first topic of my discussion. I utilize the attention of our office to amplify the support for DC Statehood. We formed a solidarity pledge with the NAACP, created an annual Supercar Rally for Statehood, and traveled to other states to gain their documented support of the DC Admission Act.
As the only elected Healthcare Provider in the District, our priority has and will continue to be the public health of our community. After co-hosting 12+ several panels, participating in over 15+ health fairs, and personally vaccinating thousands of DC residents- our objective is to work on the frontline and the policy side. Our office addresses racial disparities in healthcare, supports gender affirming care, and endorses “Medicare 4 All.”

Our office continues to advocate for Livable Wages and increasing the national minimum wage. We have marched with One Fair Wage, discussed Joe Manchin in an op-ed, and endorsed Initiative 82 “to increase the minimum wage for tip workers.” We will support these organizations and increase their reach.
Campaign Email statehood4dcnow@gmail.com
Qualifications I am running for US Representative to continue DC’s Civil Right to be represented in the USA Congress. My greatest asset as a native Washingtonian. is my work in the Community. My experience included a Community Organizer, Project Director for the Washington Convention Center, Director, NCCDC Community Building Program, and volunteer work as an ANC commissioner and Vice President of Stand Up for Democracy for many years. This gave me a rich knowledge and experience of how important working with my city government to solve the Statehood issues of DC. My poem helps to describe this, which can be found on the FreeDC.org website.
Website https://dcstatehoodgreen.party/candidates/joyce-robinson-paul/joyces-platform
My advocacy will continue serving as a STATEHOOD Ambassador with FREEDC. Collaborating and working with Statehood delegations and groups Visiting Congressional offices. Providing teach ins and supporting our Congressperson and City official providing literature and information Currently working with grass root statehood groups and Free DC to continue creating easy to understand Statehood 📚brochures for DC students and residents, statewide. This will be distributed as a Why Statehood pamphlet and brochures and made available Nationwide. Continue to meet with Congressional Senate and House of Representatives staff to secure co-sponsors for the Statehood bill currently coming up soon for approval in the Senate.
My run for US Representative is for the families of DC who are yearning for equality, self government and our desire to FREE DC. In 2O22, WE THE PEOPLE, recognize that our Civil Rights are being violated by not letting our DC residents have a voice and a seat(VOTES) in Congress. We are tired of losing millions and having non residents make decisions for DC. Modern Day SLAVERY in the Nations Capital must end today. We PAY (Federal Taxes) and should have a SAY.
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