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DC Ward 3 Member of the Council

Ward 3 Member of the Council of the District of ColumbiaDuties: Represents citizens from Ward 3The Council’s central role is to make laws for D.C. It is also the chief policy-making body for the city. In addition, Councilmembers responsibilities include oversight of multiple agencies, commissions, boards and other entities of District government and responding to constituents’ concerns. (source: https://dccouncil.us)Term: 4 yearsSalary: $140,000 (approximately)

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    Matthew Frumin

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    David Krucoff

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    Adrian Salsgiver

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What are your top 2 priorities and how will you accomplish them?

Should DC be admitted to the union as a state? Yes or No? *If yes, what immediate plans should be made, and actions taken, to begin preparing DC for statehood? *If no, what is your plan for achieving full voting rights for DC?

How do you propose to increase housing for our most vulnerable residents?

What do you see as the root causes of crime in DC? What policies would you propose to address the issues?

What are your ideas for improving outcomes for youth in the justice system?

Campaign Website http://fruminforward3.com
Campaign Email matthewfrumin@gmail.com
Education JD, George Washington University Law School 1988 , BA, University of Michigan 1982
Qualifications Attorney, former ANC commissioner, current or former Chair of the Board for Tenleytown Main Street, the Lisner Louise Dickson Hurt Shoemaker Home, founder of the citywide education advocacy organization -- the Coalition for DC Public Schools and Communities, chaired or served on city taskforces on DPR park permitting, undergrounding powerlines, school boundaries and traffic safety.
Campaign Twitter Handle @@MatthewFrumin
Ensuring Ward 3 and the city are great places to raise a family and age in place.

A strong, comprehensive approach to public safety is key to both.

For our families, support for childcare and schools are critical. I will work to ensure adequate and stable school budgets, address school overcrowding, broaden curricula including with vocational education options, and demand a strategic plan for how we can best deploy our resources.

For our seniors, I will work to ensure affordable housing and transportation, access to excellent wellness programs for our minds and bodies and strong support for caregivers.

I have a solid record on each of these issues and will build on my experience and relationships to get this important work done.
DC -- the Douglass Commonwealth -- absolutely should be admitted to the union as a state.

As a state we will need to retake control of our criminal justice system which will be costly. We must plan for that now so that when the happy day of statehood comes, we are ready.

In addition, with statehood will come the power to impose a commuter tax. We should be working closely with our neighbors now to sort out how that issue might be addressed by each of our jurisdictions. I would like to see us enter into a compact whereby commuter taxes imposed by any of the neighboring jurisdictions were devoted to infrastructure and transportation projects in the region.

Statehood can and should be a vehicle to build regional cooperation.
The Housing Production Trust Fund (HPTF) is one tool. I have been proud as Board Chair to lead the Lisner Home on Western Avenue to secure the first ever HPTF award in Ward 3 to build 93 units of deeply affordable senior housing.

Support for social housing, limited equity co-ops and community land trusts should also be tools.

We also need to look to use public lands and air rights over public buildings as potential sites for affordable housing given that in such a setting land cost can be reduced or eliminated as a factor.

And, we must use every lever, including subsidy, to require or encourage private developers to maximize affordable housing in their projects. A timely example of and opportunity for that is the Wardman.
The seven deadly sins are a reality. There will always be some crime. But why do we experience as much violent crime as we do relative to other places?

There are three root causes: (1) poverty and lack of hope that comes with it; (2) a belief held by many of our children that they and their lives do not matter to the broader society; and (3) easy access to guns. All of this is exacerbated by an often broken relationship between our police and the communities hardest hit by crime.

We need to attack poverty, radically demonstrate our commitment to children with the greatest needs through school and other investments, do everything we can to get guns off our streets and work to rebuild trust between our police and all of our communities.
Juvenile trauma and isolation and crime have gone way up around the pandemic. One need not be a social scientist to intuit the link. One also need not be scientist, but only a person who has watched others come of age, to know that brain development is real and that kids at certain ages exhibit poor judgement and executive function.

It is not that we must forgive every bad act by juveniles, there must be consequences and ownership of responsibility, including through restorative justice programs. But our compass point must be how do we help juveniles avoid a cycle down and get on a positive path through counseling, tutoring, mentoring, skills training and reentry support.

We all win if we can turn these young lives around.
Campaign Email david@david4ward3.com
Education BA in Political Science with a minor in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania
Campaign Twitter Handle @@dkrucoff
1. To make it easier to live in DC. Law-abiding, tax paying residents and businesspeople, motorists, independent-minded citizens, & senior citizens, all of whom live in Ward 3 in large numbers, should want to stay here. After decades of growth our population is declining precipitously. We must lead by example, reinvigorate downtown, & build DC together. 2. The Council must become bipartisan if it is to effectively represent hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians who desire it to be more moderate. I seek to act as our financial and operational watchdog on the Council. I am a DC/Ward 3 native, who is outside the establishment. I will challenge the Council as a conscientious centrist & help the Council be productively bipartisan.
Yes, we must push for 51st Statehood. We should also not be afraid to discuss alternatives. My focus now is on local problems and solutions rather than being an advocate connected to an issue that is local but requires national change. Still, I firmly believe that if you care as deeply about our Voting Rights as I do, then you should vote for me. As a centrist Republican and involved member of the political reform community my presence on the Council will enhance our odds for winning our complete voting rights in Congress regardless of which party controls the House and which party controls Senate, where filibuster cloture still requires sixty votes.
Operationally DC Gov bungled housing voucher vetting, management, and recipient support in Ward 3 and distorted the market to boot. Why does a $2,648 voucher exist for a $2,000 1BR? Renters must be better informed about how rent can increase after their concessions expire. Well intended policies have backfired, led to dilapidation, and stymied redevelopment. Transparency and market reforms are required. We need more housing along our major thoroughfares so that our teachers, police officers, working professionals, and public employees can live in DC. Permitting must be less burdensome, more affordable, and faster. Yes, to higher floor area ratios, but the ratios must not go deep into our single-family neighborhoods in Ward 3.
Consequences will not be considered if they don’t exist. Even jumping a Metro turnstile is theft. Of course, long term societal dynamics regarding two parent families and better schools play a role in the root cause of crime. Of course, we must invest in after school & mentoring programs, & mental health support. Still, we must never abandon the basics. In DC and in other major metropolitan areas across the country police were vilified and our judicial systems lost sight of their purpose. Juveniles must appreciate right from wrong. We need more neighborhood police patrols & more cadets entering the academy. Violent crime in Ward 3 is up, particularly in my neighborhood along Connecticut Ave. in Van Ness. It’s time to be present & push back.
Smash and grabs and carjacking are rampant in Ward 3 and throughout DC. Homicides are also up. Too often these crimes are being committed by juveniles. At the meeting in front of the Days Inn, after 5 people were shot, our Ward 3 Councilmember warned us about legislation advancing in the Council that would extend the definition of a juvenile to age 26. She also spoke about deficiencies in the Department Health and Human Services. She was immediately ridiculed online and in the media. It is not a coincidence that she decided to retire later that week. In the long term we must gain control of parole, our justice system, and enhance second chances to reduce recidivism. In the short term we must enforce the law and stop the bleeding.
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