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    Brian Beathard

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    Johnna D. Carter-Haynes

Información Biográfica

What is the biggest challenge facing Williamson County?

If elected, how will you keep in touch with your constituents?

What is the most significant challenge facing the Williamson County School system?

Other than the schools, what is the most important item in the County Budget?

The responsible management of financial and human resources is the most significant challenge facing the governance of Williamson County. Our local law enforcement officers, emergency services employees, educators, judicial staff, and municipal management directors and workers are our County’s most valuable resource and are what make our Tennessee community stand above all others. As the legislative body of the County, the Commission is tasked not just with the management of County roads, property, and zoning but importantly also funding and directing the efforts of our County’s departments and their employees. Maintaining a balance between these competing demands and preventing government bloat stands as the County's biggest challenge.
I hold regular office hours in Franklin at my law office, maintain a responsive email and facebook presence, and a dedicated phone line by which any constituent with a question or concern can reach me.
The Commission, as the legislative body of the County, does not provide policy or social direction for our school system. We are limited to allocating funding, examining budgets, and providing the resources for and oversight on new construction and maintenance of school property. Our school system faces significant challenges regarding policy, social, and health issues that are under the exclusive purview of our elected School Board and their appointed Superintendent. The most significant challenge facing our Commission regarding the school system, however, must be financial in nature as our schools take up the majority of our annual budget. Adequately funding and overseeing frugal financial management stands as Commission's largest task.
Employee salaries and benefits. Our varied departments from Zoning to Sheriff rely upon adequate funding and support to operate and meet the ever growing and demanding needs of our community. Our County competes not just for financial resources with the State and surrounding counties, but human resources as well. It is important that we remain competitive in our efforts to maintain a sustainable workforce in our County to meet the needs of our residents.
Campaign Mailing Address 704 FAIR ST
Campaign Phone 615-656-8988
Campaign Website http://www.BrianBeathard.com
Growth. We must continue to seek new ways to help make growth pay for itself (e.g., Education Impact Fee) while being mindful of overcrowding and traffic in certain parts of our county.

We must be proactive and visionary as we work through the balance of remaining a desirable place to live; and remembering that much of what creates that desire are our open spaces, our livability, and our sense of community.

I want to continue to protect and preserve this special place. I want to see the investments in our community, made by those who came before me, remain intact.
My email, home phone number, and home address are all listed on my website and the county website. In addition, I attend most of the functions held throughout the district.
Same as question #1: Growth

Our schools are our economic engine. They are a large part of what makes Williamson County a desirable place to live. To protect the value of each resident's investment as a stakeholder in this community, we must maintain a higher standard in all facets of education. This means working with the state on our BEP funding and continuing to think creatively around ideas like the Education Impact Fee to fund those areas of our school district that need it most.
Second place is a distant second, as we spend nearly 70% of our overall budget on schools. However, our Sheriff's Department is the second largest expenditure on our budget.
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