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Knox County Mayor

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    Bob Fischer

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    Tyler Givens

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    Debbie Helsley

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    Glenn Jacobs

Información Biográfica

What professional and personal experiences make you the best candidate for this position?

Describe the top two challenges facing Knox County. What specific actions would you propose to address these challenges?

Campaign Phone 865-771-9251
Campaign Email fischbobber@mac.com
Campaign Website http://Nowebsite.com
Facebook Page Bob Fischer for Mayor
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I was raised in Knox County in a broken home. I have experienced both the power of affluence and the challenges of poverty. At 18, I obtained employment at UPS where I worked 44 years until my retirement. I understand the UPS way and will govern by those principles, including treating all citizens fairly and justly. During my time at UPS I dealt with a variety of situations that exposed me to both exposure to problems of various sorts and taught me to come up with solutions on an immediate basis, for instance, during a morning delivery I was asked to assist in getting a needed industrial seal to a Budweiser plant in New Hampshire that was sitting idle due to the seal on a brewing machine going out. I coordinated and arranged the pick-up of said seal and we had the plant up and running by the end of the day. I understand that top to bottom, from Mayor to the voter, if our system is to work, we must all pull together. I did not build the seal, I did not break from my route to pick up the seal nor did I fly the airplane or get that seal from the airport to the brewery, but because I understood our system, I was able to do my share to facilitate the delivery. Six hours for this task was a great turnaround. Likewise, I have studied government and its function for over 50 years. I understand that it can work for the good or detriment of citizens. I will bring my UPS ethic to government and have the results of my administration, rather than an abstract view of centuries old discredited economic theory, measure the success of what we will do.
The top two challenges in Knox County will be to move Covid from a pandemic issue to an endemic one, and planning and executing a plan for local transition from fossil fuels to electric.

To the end, I will pursue EESSER funding for a HVAC upgrade/overhaul/replacement for our school system. It is established that our schools are a significant transmission vector for covid. It has also been established that a vocal minority will stop any meaningful result we would be able to achieve with masking and/or vaccinations. We must therefore look to plans that don't require anything resembling effort on the part of those involved. This brings us to cleaning the air in our school environment to lower viral loads in the air, thus reducing transmissibility of Covid. The ancillary effects of such a move include higher math and reading scores, lower teacher absenteeism (reducing labor costs), higher student attendance (increasing attendance performance rewards), lower incidence of various other airborne diseases (think cold, flu and strep), reduced allergens and asthma issues and general cleaning of pollutants from airborne sources. This solution has far ranging positive impacts.

As to adapting to climate change, I propose building solar canopies and charging infrastructure on our now vacant industrial park lands. This will allow us to transition the County fleet to electric while eliminating day to day fuel costs. It will also allow access to charging for Knox County citizens for free or reduced cost charging, easing the financial burden on citizens moving to EVs.

Campaign Phone 601-278-6043
Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/TylerForKnox
Twitter @@TylerforKnox
Tyler’s 15 years of experience on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of infrastructure renovation projects make him ideal for managing the rapid growth of Knox County. During COVID, Tyler was laid off. He spent his time between jobs helping folks facing eviction apply for aid money and taking food and water to the homeless. Tyler also has a long history of marching in the streets and speaking at city council and county commission meetings. He wants to carry that fire into the Mayor’s office to work for the people!
Two of the top challenges facing Knox County residents right now are access to affordable housing and funding for education.

Tyler believes we can stabilize rent and housing in Knox County through using existing programs like PILOT Financing to fund affordable housing developments. He would also like to look into alternative programs that have been proven to work in other cities, such as Mixed Use Public Housing and Community Land Trusts.

Knox County Teachers are some of the lowest paid educators in the area. Tyler wants our average teacher pay to be at least $60,000. Through strong mayoral leadership and public support, Tyler hopes that the County Commission and School Board will agree to raise KCS teachers' salaries. Tyler also believes in investing in classrooms. There are state and federal funds readily available through the ESSER and EESI programs. Tyler believes that we should be investing every dollar possible in our youth's education.
Campaign Phone 865-320-3680
Campaign Email vote@debbieformayor.org
Campaign Website http://debbieformayor.org
Facebook Page HelsleyForMayor
Twitter @DebbieForMayor
My life work has been rooted in giving regular folks a leg up and a fair shot.

As president, I worked with and fought on behalf of my fellow communications workers at our CWA Local 3805 for nearly two decades. I also served as vice president of the Tennessee AFL-CIO and vice president of the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Area Central Labor Council.

Just recently, I finished my second term on the Knoxville Civil Service Merit Board in March having been appointed by Mayor Madeline Rogero in 2014. I served on the board of the United Way of Greater Knoxville for two terms, and graduated from the Leadership Knoxville Class of 2007 and CAC Community Leadership in 2009.

In my neighborhood of South Woodlawn, I was the inaugural president and am the current vice president of the neighborhood association. I serve as the neighborhood association’s representative to the South Knoxville Neighborhood & Business Coalition.

I have been and am busy now as a volunteer tax preparer with Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) for the past six years. Giving back to the community over the years, I have volunteered with several organizations such as Knox County’s Senior Citizen Awareness Network, Knoxville SOUP, and Keep Knoxville Beautiful.

My lifetime of leadership experience and community involvement uniquely prepare me to lead Knox County and deliver a better, more unifying approach to local government.
The future of public education will be the single biggest priority of mine as your next County Mayor. I am prepared to work with anyone, from our local School Board to the governor, to ensure we have the resources to fully invest in every child's future. Public education truly is an investment in our future, and an underfunded school is an underfunded future. I'm in this race to deliver a KCS that is equitable for every student, no matter their identity, culture, or unique abilities.

Another key priority is ensuring working folks are not priced out of the communities and neighborhoods where they grew up. A top priority of mine is to be a non-stop advocate for housing affordability. That means increasing density along our corridors and combating urban sprawl, listening to and addressing the concerns of not only Knox County’s homeowners and future buyers, but renters as well, and strategically setting aside funds to encourage responsible growth and decrease skyrocketing housing costs.
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