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Knox County Board of Education District 1

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    John Butler

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    Charles Frazier

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    Breyauna Holloway

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    Reginald Jackson

Información Biográfica

What professional and personal experiences make you the best candidate for this position?

Describe the top two challenges facing Knox County. What specific actions would you propose to address these challenges?

Campaign Phone 865-617-2603
Facebook Page Butler for School Board, KCS District 1
I am a supporter and advocate for public schools. My family is a product of public schools, 2 children graduated from Austin East. My daughter is an educator in Knox County Schools, my grandson is a middle school student. Pastor, Clinton Chapel AME Zion Church. Knoxville District Presiding Elder serving 9 churches. Clinton Chapel developed a church based after school and summer program. Support as a Maynard School Community Schools Neighborhood Partner. President of the PTSO at Austin-East High School. Community School Steering committee at Vine Middle School Substitute teacher at Vine and Austin-East. President, Knoxville Interdenominational Christian Ministerial Alliance adopting schools in our neighborhoods and advocating on behalf of KCS custodian staff jobs being outsourced. President, Knoxville Branch of the NAACP working for equity in academic achievement and initiating an Office of Civil Rights Complaint leading to changes in zoning and busing for District 1 schools and working with the Disparities of Educational Outcomes Task Force. Board Member, Great Schools Partnership which started the District 1 community schools’ programs at Green, Sarah Moore Green, Maynard Elementary and Vine MS. Helped lead the advocacy efforts to maintain the magnet program at Green Elementary and secure Project Grad funding. School board member in Asheboro City Schools, in North Carolina. Community college and seminary professor. Ombudsman, Social worker, Grant Writer, Non-Profit Consultant. Captain U.S. Army.
One top concern for the KCS is Student Achievement in reading and math proficiency and having prepared graduates for their post-secondary path. KCS community should review policies, procedures, practices to ensure that all students are receiving a quality and accessible education with continuous evaluation and accountability of academic and discipline disparities. The action plan for student achievement is the KCS Strategic Plan, which serves as a “a living document that will drive future decisions and serve as the roadmap to success for all students”. A second concern is Equity. We are progressing towards equity when students have: researched-based practices and programs that produce quality and accessible education to all students, with evaluation and accountability of academic and discipline disparities; 21st Century Curriculum that will prepare students to be college or career ready with the foundation of innovative and differentiated learning practices; Diverse and Excellent Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff that are skilled and dedicated, well-compensated, adequately supported and sufficiently equipped; and State-of-the-Art schools in all communities that are designed for accessibility and optimal success for all students and families. Board members represent different districts however they collectively represent the needs of the entire KCS community. More discussion needs to take place regarding the needs and values of communities, in order to develop a policy that is meaningful, measurable, and supports strategic goals.
Charles Frazier graduate Knox County schools, also a graduate from Logos College attended the University of Tennessee for 4 1/2 years both full-time and part-time in communications and broadcasting. Presently I work for WJBE as a sales representative as well on air talent I am a preacher in a part-time sense I have been a pastor I’ve worked for public TV / Educational TV for 2 1/2 decades as an on -air personality and directed shows, I am a TV producer/Director; presently I come on the air at 11:00 PM on community television now known as Knoxville media; I am the voice of the Austin East Road runners on radio and have been for about a decade also did the broadcast in the 80s for Knox County football and basketball games. I am a past vice president NAACP I hosted an inner city wide stop the violence campaign I’ve been a volunteer for the Love kitchen graduated from CAC Knox leader ship served on several boards of leadership in Knoxville including the MLK commission, NAACP, KOIC, Helen Ross McNabb drop in center boards. I have worked as a substitute teacher in Knox County and have communicated with the leader ship of schools for years including many meeting with pass superintendents Mr. Earl Hoffmaster and Mr. Alan Morgan. I’v been a consultant in Knox County on remodeling the inner-city schools as well as staffing and curriculum County wide.
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Campaign Email breyaunah@yahoo.com
Facebook Page Breyauna Holloway
Personally, what sets me apart from the other candidates, is not only did I live in District 1 growing up, I also attended some of the same schools in the district and 4 of my children currently attend schools in District 1. Everything that happens with Knox County Schools has a direct impact on my household and sometimes life experiences carry greater weight than what is on one's resume. I have built relationships and networks with teachers, support staff, and administration not only from my time as a student, but during the ongoing course of my children's education. I have built these bridges from preschool to the high school level. I'm more visible in the community, more communicative, and relatable than the other candidates. I'm frequently seen at community forums and events; school and youth related sporting events; alumni meetings and events; sharing community based info on social media; and just being there when and where it really counts. Professionally, I have both a BA and MS degrees and have studied at the doctorate level for both my JD and PhD. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and am a proponent of higher education, though I realize college is not for everyone. I am also under the realization that a lot of students in this district are not college ready immediately following high school. My current occupation as a vintage shop owner/e-commerce entrepreneur falls into the trade and workforce ready path that needs to be revived in our schools. I am also a member of or affiliated with several non-profit organizations in Knoxville.
The top issue facing Knox County Schools is the lack of teacher and support staff recruitment and retention. Students cannot properly learn and schools cannot properly function without teachers and support staff present. My first course of action would be to designate a task force or propose to create positions with the specific task of recruiting and retaining employees. There is a need and want to hire black males and Latino staff and I would start seeking graduates at HBCUs and members of the military who are seeking careers outside of the military. The second issue is school safety and community relationships. Just one year after losing 6 students from one school in the district, there is still much to be said and done. Students are still bringing guns into the building; there is still tension between law enforcement, students, and the communities these schools are in; and not enough communication trickling down from the superintendent to KCS families' dinner tables. As a criminologist and also as the CIty of Knoxville's 6th District Neighborhood Advisory Council Representative, I would like to be the bridge builder between members of our community; KCS, and all the law enforcement agencies that serve our schools. I feel I have the perfect stance to be a part of that understanding and growing process as a well known and trusted community member and a person who studies social and criminal behavior of law enforcement and ordinary citizens.
Campaign Phone 865-973-1114
Campaign Email Rjack139@yahoo.com
Campaign Website http://Voteactionjackson.com
Facebook Page Reginald M. Jackson
I am the best for this position in several ways. I have dedicated my life to the serving my community and I enjoy doing this. After high school, I joined the military and served my country. Upon returning to Knoxville, I decided to put more focus on the youth of the city and building relationships. I've been able to accomplish this by working at the Boys & Girls Club, as a school security officer at Vine and Austin East, and by being youth minister. My goal is to be our children's voice and work diligently to provide the best tools and resources they need to succeed. Our children are the future and if I can be apart of ensuring each child reaches their full potential, we can secure our future especially in District 1.
Safety and security is my top concern. As a school board member my goal is to bridge the gap between my district, school security officers, KPD, and the Sheriff’s office. We want to be sure that our children, teachers, and staff are safe and feel safe in the buildings where they spend the majority of their time. Focusing on safety and security will also allow for healthier working and personal relationships in the communities of District 1.

The next challenge is equity. We have to first understand that equity is not the same as equality. Equity in the district is setting practices in place that will allow every student regardless of their background, obstacles, learning styles, and so forth to succeed. Equality is setting the standards the same and hoping all of our students make it. It is understanding that what works for one may not work for another and creating efficiencies. When crafting this policy, we should consider cultural backgrounds, learning styles, current discipline methods, and current terminologies to see where adjustments can be made.