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Knox County Commission District 7

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    Rhonda Lee

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    Allen Merritt

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    Chuck Severance

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What professional and personal experiences make you the best candidate for this position?

Describe the top two challenges facing Knox County. What specific actions would you propose to address these challenges?

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Campaign Phone 865-255-5940
Campaign Email electmerritt@gmail.com
Campaign Website http://electmerritt.com
Facebook Page Elect Allen Merritt or Elect Allen Merritt for Knox County Commission District 7
For the past 30 years, I have dedicated my service to the citizens of Knox County as a Deputy of the Knox County Sheriff's Office. During that time, as a detective, I learned to listen to people, gather the facts and make decisions, without opinion, based on the information. In court, I was a voice for victims and their families. After retiring from the Sheriff's Office, I decided I was not finished with public service, and wanted to further serve the citizens of Knox County. Elect me as your Knox County Commissioner in District 7 and let me be Your Voice, for Your Community.
Quality Affordable Housing and Infrastructure. Knox County has seen an increase in demand for housing while growth in the affordable housing market has failed to keep up. This issue specifically affects young people who are entering the housing market looking for affordable, and quality homes. The second concern is infrastructure. With the increase of population density in certain areas, we need to be conscientious of the needs for our schools, more law enforcement to serve them, EMS response time, and better rural roadways that can not only meet the needs of the communities but sustain them. As County Commissioner, I would work with Knoxville/ Knox County Planning, developers, and communities to find companies wanting to build quality, affordable housing, and not "cookie-cutter" subdivisions that lack the quality to sustain investment value for the communities they are built in. I will fight for better schools, better-funded law enforcement, and better roads in our rural communities.
Campaign Address PO BOX 394
Powell, TN 37849
Campaign Phone 865-850-5191
Facebook Page Chuck Severance County Commission District 7
I currently Chair The Public Building Authority which I was appointed to by now Congressman Tim Burchett. I Chaired The Halls/Powell Boys and Girls Club for 6 years and helped to raise over $300,000.00 for the underserved children in the District 7 community. I served on the Foster Parenting Review Board for 7 years placing over 300 foster children into permanent loving homes and was asked to serve on this Board by Judge Tim Irwin. My wife and I own 2 small businesses in Powell and I have been in the Building Industry for over 3 decades so I bring a lifetime of Leadership in Community Involvement. My experience and my contacts with leadership in Local, State and The Federal Government with being able to get things done for our County and our Communities far outreaches my opponents in this election.
Our Land Use and Development and not having a Tax Increase to the citizens in our County. Some actions are already in the works with the hiring of Kimley-Horn for a strategic growth plan and transportation use and a new Action Plan Committee to help oversee the process. I feel that we should revaluate every few years for our growth plan instead of every 20-30 years. As our demographics change we should adapt and act not wait and react. I will work diligently as your Commissioner to be informed so I can make the best decisions for all of our County and Communities. In order to keep our taxes low I will be involved with our Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Board to see that we are recruiting and retaining new businesses both large and small that will impact our tax base by growing revenues that will out pace the option of someone proposing tax increases to our County which I will not ever be in favor of. We can also bring in more leaders of the communities and have different types of discussions to hear others thoughts and ideas. Communication is always a great way to broaden one's thinking processes and I look forward to that challenge.