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DuPage County Regional Superintendent of Schools

(Vote for 1)The Regional Superintendent of Schools is the chief administrative officer of a Regional Office of Education, and the only elected education professional office in Illinois. ROEs are essential support offices partnering with the Illinois State Board of Education to support local school districts.As an intermediate agency between the Illinois State Board of Education and local school districts, the office of the Regional Superintendent performs regulatory functions as directed by the Illinois School Code. [Source: https://iarss.org/role-of-regional-superintendent/]Salary: $155,611 [Source: https://www.dupagecounty.gov/HR/52540/]

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    Amber M. Quirk

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What qualifications do you bring to the office?

What is a major challenge facing your constituents and how will you address it?

What are the major goals you hope to achieve should you be elected to office?

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Campaign Email amber@quirk4kids.com
Campaign Mailing Address 815 Franklin St
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Campaign Phone 331-444-2594
The Regional Office of Education is one of a few offices in the state that requires specific qualifications: be of good character, have experience as a teacher and school leader, a degree in administration, and a letter from the state superintendent certifying qualifications. I have a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Administration and have served as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal during my 20+ years in education. Throughout my career, and especially as the Assistant Regional Superintendent, I have relied on my educational background in health and safety, an essential component to the work of our ROE.
1. With a rise in violence in our nation, state, and county, school safety is a priority. I will create additional opportunities for schools to update safety plans, provide professional learning for improved safety, and assist schools in developing and practicing reunification plans. I will also connect schools to county-wide resources, and help build consistency for safety practices across the area. 2. More students than ever before are experiencing anxiety and school refusal behaviors. Parents need support with strategies to help their children cope and students need to learn these strategies and apply them as well. I will continue to provide learning opportunities for parents and teachers to help children across DuPage who struggle with anxiety and school refusal.
1. I will create learning and practice opportunities for school districts to strengthen their emergency management plans in order to keep children safe in our schools. 2. Our County is rich in resources! I will be a steward of taxpayer dollars through shared services. 3. I will improve support for families in regards to truancy (anxiety and school refusal), as well as for schools (building more robust Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for schools). 4. Covid-19 caused us to rethink how to address the needs of all of our children. For example, I would support every middle and high school student's exposure to multiple career pathways for their futures. 5. The Dupage County Regional Office of Education has been a leader in civics education in a partnership with the McCormick Foundation. I will continue to support student civic engagement here in the County.