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Will County Sheriff

The Will County Sheriff’s duties include: custodian of the courthouse and jail; serve and execute warrants, process orders and judgements; conservator of peace; supervisor of public safety. [source: https://www.willcosheriff.org/about-wcso]

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    Mike Kelley

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    Jim Reilly

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What qualifications do you bring to the office?

What is a major challenge facing your constituents and how will you address it?

What are the major goals you hope to achieve should you be elected to office?

Campaign Email kelley4sheriff@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 1809 sequoia way
lockport, IL 60441
Campaign Phone 779-279-2351
Thirty four years of continuous, dedicated law enforcement experience with the Will County Sheriff's Office. I have served the last eight years as Will County Sheriff.
A major challenge facing my constituents is the increase in crime in some areas within the State of Illinois. However, unincorporated Will County crimes have decreased over the last four years. The Sheriff's Office Administration will meet with local police departments administrations and share practices.
Work with the will county board to increase the sheriff's office manpower in an effort to assist local police departments in high rate crime areas within Will County. Continue to partner with local schools to apply for the school violence prevention grants to enhance school security. After being awarded a five year federal substance abuse prevention grant in 2018 the sheriff's office attends to reapply for a five year extension of said grant in 2023.
Campaign Email Rocky157@aol.com
Campaign Mailing Address 30928 S Kavanaugh Rd
Wilmington, IL 60481
Campaign Phone 8154054336
I consider it an honor and privilege to be a law enforcement officer in the Will County area for over 20 years. As a part of my commitment to serving the people of Will County, I have finished my undergraduate degree at De Paul University in Criminal Law, my Masters’ Degree in Criminal Justice at Aurora University, and my Ph.D. in Global Leadership-Criminal Justice through Walden University. In my 20 years as an officer, my experiences include working for several years within an organized crime/drug enforcement unit. This experience allowed me to be the case agent on one of Will County’s most prominent criminal drug conspiracy cases. Our team worked closely with local and federal agencies to solve crimes such as murder, armed robberies, murder for hires, and many other high-profile cases, including political corruption. My law enforcement career has been blessed with several departmental and community awards, which further support my qualifications to be Will County’s next Sheriff.
Crime has become a number #1 issue throughout our nation, and Will County is no exception. Illinois legislators passed legislation that has emboldened criminals and undermined the authority of law enforcement. These misguided efforts originate from failed leadership and have plagued our communities with violent crimes, including murder, carjackings, home invasions, and assaults. Our current Sheriff has remained silent as his Springfield colleagues allow this legislation to stand.

As a result, morale within law enforcement is the lowest I have ever witnessed in my 20-plus years as an officer. It is time to repeal this failed legislation that allows criminals to roam free throughout our communities. We need a Sheriff who supports and leads his department, protecting them against the Springfield and Chicago politicians ruining our state.

Under my leadership, we will immediately implement a plainclothes tactical unit to respond to high-crime areas.
Sheriff Kelley has failed the Will County Sheriff’s Police Department and law enforcement throughout the State of Illinois because he will not speak out publicly against HB 3653 or the current liberal political movement that is destroying law enforcement. Sheriff Kelley has chosen to remain silent, which leads the hard-working men and women of Will County law enforcement to lose faith in Sheriff Kelley’s leadership. It has become apparent that Sheriff Kelley values the current Liberal Progressive movement over the law enforcement men and women who serve him. Politics and political agendas that undermine law enforcement and encourage criminal behaviors have to stop. Law enforcement is one of Our Country’s proudest professions, and I will always support the men and women who risk their lives daily to serve us and protect our communities. Will County needs a new direction, a fresh set of leaders who promote transparency, commitment, and dedication to duty.