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Minnesota US House District 1

U.S. Representatives serve their geographic district in the U.S. House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the federal legislature. Representatives write and vote on legislation to establish or change federal laws on many issues, including health care and federal funding. The House of Representatives also has exclusive control to initiate legislation related to taxes and impeachment of federal officials.

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Información Biográfica

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (750 characters)

What legislation, if any, would you support to reduce gun violence in the United States? (500 characters)

What, if any, actions would you take to address threats facing the United States from climate change? (500 characters)

What will you do to support a vibrant economy across the United States, and to address rising inflation? (500 characters)

What, if anything, should our country do to ensure quality healthcare at an affordable cost for all, and access to reproductive health services? (500 characters)

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections, and to ensure voting access in our country? (500 characters)

Campaign Twitter Handle @BA4Minnesota
Campaign Mailing Address 810 N CEDAR ST
Health care, tuition free education and tuition forgiveness, and legalize cannabis.
Require tax, title, licenses, and training much like requirements for driving a vehicle.
I believe we should have more green environment initiatives including more wind, solar, and water power. Creating more jobs in environmental issues.
Tax the rich. The rich and ultra rich are profiting. Inflation is a farce, and it’s all about the rich getting richer.
Medicare for all. Simple answer. We can do it. The only ones that don’t want it are the insurance companies, lobbyists, and paid for politicians.
I believe if we can be automatically enrolled to be on jury duty, we should be automatically enrolled to vote.
Campaign Twitter Handle @twitter.com/SouthernMN4Jeff
Campaign Mailing Address PO BOX 741
AUSTIN, MN 55912
We need to fight inflation. People’s everyday lives are getting too expensive, from groceries to gas to housing to medicine and everything in-between. My background as a results-oriented business leader will allow me to hit the ground running to help people on day one. We need to restore and protect our democracy. We have to protect the right to vote and respect the will of the voters, and we need members of Congress that actually try to represent everyone the district, not only the people that voted for them. We need to build the economy of the future here in Southern Minnesota. Education is the key to equality of opportunity, so our schools should have the funding they need & workers should be able to get skills that match local jobs.
I support the rights of legal gun owners to possess legal guns. I also join more than 75% of Minnesotans in our support of universal background checks, which keep guns away from dangerous people without standing in the way of legal gun ownership.

One way that we can fight the uptick in crime is by keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. We need to focus on getting more resources to our police and using federal agents to target people like this that make all of us less safe.
Climate change is an urgent problem, and we have to figure out structural solutions to fight it. As our country continues to add renewable American energy, we can create good jobs right here at home to prepare us for that. I support the passage of the climate portion of the Build Back Better Act. Southern Minnesota can’t wait for Congress to act. We need to become more resilient now. Things like flood mitigation projects and drought relief to farmers have to happen now.
I understand complex global supply chains from my time leading Hormel, where I focused on making food more affordable for people all across Minnesota. Everyone in our district and across the country has seen their lives get more expensive in the last year. From gas to groceries to drugs to housing to healthcare, keeping up with your bills is harder than it used to be, and we need to tackle those issues head on. My experience navigating the global economy makes me able to be part of the solution.
I support allowing the government to negotiate drug prices to keep our healthcare costs down. I also support efforts to lower and cap costs on life-saving medication like insulin while improving our hospital systems.

The Affordable Care Act created coverage options for more people, but there are still many who don't have or can't afford health insurance. I support a public option, which we could enact most quickly by expanding the Affordable Care Act and Medicare to anyone that wants to buy in.
I believe the right to vote is sacred, and I will always stand up for it. We must make sure that every eligible voter is able to practice that right. I support the passage of the John Lewis Voting Rights Act to help keep our democracy strong.

We need to make voting rights and accessibility a core focus, and we all need to do more to defeat people like our former Congressman who wouldn’t vote to certify the results of the election.
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1. Ending the 100-year drug war will drastically reduce the number of criminal gangs and free up enormous amounts of police time. Veterans will be able to receive medical marijuana rather than highly addictive opioids. Youth will find it harder to get drugs; you will need an I.D. Addiction will decline as we treat addicts rather than jail them. Thousands of prisoners will be freed. 2. End the 32 year Gulf War. About 11 Million people have been killed in US wars since 1990. We have spent trillions of dollars on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We need to empower the UN to settle issues peacefully. 3. Dramatically reducing air, water, and soil pollution will create new jobs, improve human health and mitigate climate change.
We have 300 million people in the US and 400 million guns. There were 45,000 gun deaths and 41,000 gun injures in 2021. There have been 1,500,000 gun deaths since 1981, 60,000 were children and youth. Is this worth having guns? I would support the most restrictive gun legislation, including banning guns.
According to a recent study the 4 most effective actions to mitigate climate change are: having one less child reduces CO2 emissions by 117 tons per year, living car free saves 5 tons per year, stop flying and reduce emissions by 3 tons per flight, and a plant-based diet will save 2 tons of CO2 each year. And the US military has the largest carbon footprint of any organization in the world. I will work to change from greed, selfishness, and individualism to sharing, compassion, and community.
Energy use and the economy are linked. Wealth and prosperity measure a person's and a country's access to fossil fuels. The standard of living for every person on the planet is based on how much energy they use and how much pollution they generate. Local manufacturing, savings, investments, and food production need to replace transnational corporations ushering in a rebirth of locally owned businesses. Then we can view ourselves not as consumers but rather a community of citizens.
I support single payer universal healthcare where: 1. all citizens are covered 2. employers are freed from providing health insurance 3. administrative costs are reduced from 31% to 5% 4. patients choose their doctor 5. doctors and patients determine the best treatment, not insurance companies 6. patients receive care when they need it 7. everyone contributes based on ability to pay 8. US bankruptcies will be reduced by 2/3
I would: 1. make voting measures standardized throughout the country with all precincts having the same makeup of election judges, the same number of voting booths and a standard registration procedure. 2. implement ranked choice voting for executive positions 3. see that all presidential candidates who potentially have 270 electoral votes would be included in the debates 4. implement proportional representation for State and Federal House; 5. senators would have no party affiliation.