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Minnesota US House District 4

U.S. Representatives serve their geographic district in the U.S. House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the federal legislature. Representatives write and vote on legislation to establish or change federal laws on many issues, including health care and federal funding. The House of Representatives also has exclusive control to initiate legislation related to taxes and impeachment of federal officials.

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    Betty McCollum

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    May Lor Xiong

Información Biográfica

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (750 characters)

What legislation, if any, would you support to reduce gun violence in the United States? (500 characters)

What, if any, actions would you take to address threats facing the United States from climate change? (500 characters)

What will you do to support a vibrant economy across the United States, and to address rising inflation? (500 characters)

What, if anything, should our country do to ensure quality healthcare at an affordable cost for all, and access to reproductive health services? (500 characters)

What measures do you support to improve and secure elections, and to ensure voting access in our country? (500 characters)

Healthcare, climate change, and protecting our democracy are my three top priorities. Healthcare access, quality and affordability remains a priority. Protecting women access to reproductive services from Republican attacks is of the utmost urgency. I support expanding the ACA, passing Medicare for All, and reducing the costs of prescription drugs. Climate change is an existential threat to our plant. We must decarbonize our economy, invest in green energy and climate resiliency. The U.S. government and private sector must lead the climate resistance to create jobs and save lives. Our democracy is in danger. The January 6th attack on the Capitol showed that clearly. We must rebuild trust in civil society, elections, and in government.
I support banning the sale of assault weapons and large capacity magazines. Background checks, including extended waiting periods, should be mandatory for all gun purchases. Every gun must be stored in a gun safe and protected from children or robbery. I am opposed to cross-state conceal care reciprocity. I support tougher penalties for gun trafficking and straw purchases.
We must decarbonize our economy and move toward a carbon-free future that does not kill jobs. I support investments in green energy technology, green fuels, and building resilience to climate disasters. The US must lead the world in response to climate change and that includes the private sector driving innovation and decarbonization. US diplomacy is critical to holding all countries accountable for meeting climate commitments and reducing CO2 output.
Increased costs on gas, food and building materials is a direct result of COVID, supply chain disruptions, and the Russia's war in Ukraine. The US must on-shore industries to ensure an uninterrupted domestic supply chain that creates good paying jobs and ensures US economic interests are not held hostage to external global disruptions. The US must reduce its dependency on China and reinvest at home. From agriculture to manufacturing to semi-conductors, we need to make it in America.
I support passing Medicare for All to ensure universal access to quality healthcare for all Americans. Health disparities among racial and ethnic groups must be addressed. Lowering prescription drug prices is also a priority. Mental healthcare is a crisis for too many Americans and we need a federal response. I support comprehensive reproductive healthcare, including unrestricted access to abortion and contraception, for women everywhere. Protecting abortion rights in Minnesota is critical.
I believe US elections are secure. The Republican lies about voter fraud and stolen elections undermine our democracy and are tearing our country apart. Minnesota has pristine elections and high voter turnout. I would tell the rest of the US to look to the Minnesota model. I believe mail-in ballots are effective in expanding voter participation as are extended early voting periods. To protect our democracy, we must encourage all citizens to vote and ease their ability to access the polls.
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