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Freeborn County Sheriff

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    Ryan Shea

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    Jeffrey D. Strom

Información Biográfica

Why are you the best candidate for this position? (750 characters)

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (500 characters)

What do you see as the biggest challenges to your office, and how would you address them? (500 characters)

What procedures would you implement to improve or maintain transparency in the sheriff’s department’s activities? (500 characters)

How would you describe your leadership style and how that qualifies you for the role of sheriff? (500 characters)

I am the best candidate for Sheriff because I am the most well rounded and prepared candidate. I am the only one that has held 3 different positions on the Sheriff’s Office. I have worked for 22 years under 4 different Sheriffs. Because of this, I have the most extensive knowledge of all candidates. I am better trained, having vast training in both supervisory and investigative roles. I have developed more and better relationships with other agencies allowing me to find quicker ways to meet the needs of the citizens. I have always worked hard to serve my fellow people in all aspects of my life. I have an extensive list of volunteering that I have been involved with for decades. My history shows I care about people.
1. The safety of the citizens-

I raised my children in this county. I want my family to feel safe and I want the same for yours.

2. Ensure quality investigations-

For the last 8 years I have been the lead detective. I know how to investigate crime and I will make sure my employees do too. I received the Sheriff Commendation Award in 2020 for my work

3. Increase the presence of the Sheriff’s Office in the communities-

I know that people want their law enforcement officers approachable.
The biggest challenge is the staffing shortage. The events of 2020 and the preceding years has culminated with less people entering the LE field. If elected, I will not sit back and wait for people to apply, but rather I will actively seek them out. I will have staff promote the Sheriff’s Office at schools with Law Enforcement programs. I will work with the county commissioners and administrator, so that we can get and retain quality employees.
I will create and maintain a good relationship with media as well as have a social media presence for the Sheriff’s Office. I have always been highly involved in the community making me very approachable. I will continue in my availability and approachability with the public.

We work for the citizens and are directly accountable to them.
I will recognize and develop the talents of others. I believe in delegating but verifying tasks. When people have a vested interest in their tasks, they work harder and more efficiently for the desired outcome. Providing my vision to those involved and being clear about expectations is vitally important to teamwork. I cannot be everywhere, so I must rely on my team to carry out the work. Being clear with my vision, providing proper training and direction, will allow them to perform their duty.
I have 35 years in law enforcement with the last 26 as a LT. with the Albert Lea PD. In this role I supervise, mentor and guide the 24 sworn officers beneath me along with the civilian positions. I have coordinated the ALPD Citizen Academy and TZD (Traffic safety) program securing 100’s of thousands of dollars in grants. I initiated the Explorer program for the ALPD. I am active on the Freeborn County Child Protection team, CVCC board & was the past president of the YMCA. I was on the United Way allocations committee and I worked with Senior Resources and helped fund raise and dance for the Red Cross “Dancing with the Stars”. People know that I am fair and will try and help and I do not discriminate based on past behaviors.
Staffing - To fill the vacant positions that are currently open and projected for the future. The safety of the community and deputies is dependent on adequate staffing. Community - Building rapport and getting the public to know the deputies that serve and protect them increases trust and collaboration in the community. Collaboration -Working with other organizations to increase the health and welfare of individuals, and to address issues in the community.
Staffing would be the biggest challenge. The department is currently three deputies down with a potential 4th deputy slated to leave. By the end of the year, two additional deputies could potentially be gone. To fill these positions without sacrificing quality and safety is paramount. Training would be another challenge. The better trained a department, the less issues will occur. Current funding does not provide enough opportunities for deputies to enhance their skills.
I would routinely meet and speak with the local press and discuss current calls for service to the extent allowed by data privacy laws. I have been and will continue to be accessible to the media and promote the sheriff’s office in a positive light. I would increase awareness in the community of the deputies that serve. Community members would be able to recognize deputies and feel comfortable speaking and interacting with them. Complaints would be promptly investigated.
I would describe my leadership style as a coaching leader. I demonstrate the behaviors I expect the people that work with and for me to display. I am accessible and strive to mentor and coach those I lead. I work to learn different positions to better understand another perspective. I employ positive extracurricular activities to build morale among the troops. Teamwork is important and everyone should feel that they are a valued member of the organization.