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Isanti County Sheriff

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    Lisa Lovering

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    Wayne Seiberlich

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Why are you the best candidate for this position? (750 characters)

If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (500 characters)

What do you see as the biggest challenges to your office, and how would you address them? (500 characters)

What procedures would you implement to improve or maintain transparency in the sheriff’s department’s activities? (500 characters)

How would you describe your leadership style and how that qualifies you for the role of sheriff? (500 characters)

You are electing the chief law enforcement officer for the county. You deserve to have someone with the training, education, and experience of a law enforcement leader. I have proudly served over 30 years in law enforcement. I am currently serving my eighth year as Chief Deputy, where I oversee the day-to-day operations of the Sheriff’s Office along with the sheriff. I have been promoted from a part time dispatcher, to patrol deputy, investigator, patrol sergeant and currently Chief Deputy and Deputy Emergency Management Director. With my proven leadership, over nine years of supervisory experience as well as a master's degree, I have the training, knowledge, and experience to serve as your next sheriff for Isanti County.
Mental health response would be top priority. We need to partner with more professionals, such as faith-based community, who can respond to people in crisis. Continuing to train our deputies in mental response is also crucial. Second would be to start a Community Advisory Committee and work with community members to address concerns. Third, is to maintain the high level of integrity and service to our community and hold all employees equally accountable to our policies.
Holding criminals accountable is a hot topic. We need to work with the courts and corrections to offer more treatment options, mental health services, and other alternatives to make sure that these people have the resources for rehabilitation. We need to fix the policing shortage. Because of negative coverage on law enforcement, we do not have people to fill vacancies. This could be at a crisis level in a few years. Problem solving with the state and county is a top priority.
Communication and an open door are the best tools for transparency. Confronting issues head on and having open lines of communication. Communicating to help everyone to understand decisions that are made with the information that we have. As well as educating the public to understand why we do things the way we do and the rules that we must follow. Also, encouraging an open dialogue with the public and staff to bring new ideas forward helps to foster a more effective office.
I have been promoted by four sheriffs based on my leadership skills. I have been a leader who inspires, empowers and motivates employees. Working as a team allows us to work together towards shared vision and goals. As a leader, I have set high standards for myself and have committed to making the workplace and my community a better place. I have a true commitment to lead this department and my employees so that the residents are proud of all of us that serve this community.
Campaign Website http://wayne4sheriff.com
Facebook (Full URL) http://facebook.com/wayne4sheriff
Campaign Email info@wayne4sheriff.com
Campaign Mailing Address 37297 XEON ST NW
As a 20yr veteran of the sheriff's office and investigator for the last 12yr, I have firsthand knowledge of crimes we're currently faced with, how these crimes are committed, where and when, why and often times by whom. I have worked crimes ranging from homicide to undercover narcotics, fraud and forgery, to predatory offender compliance. Being a member of this community over 30 years, I have a personal attachment to this county and residents within it. As sheriff, I will work for the people as a constitutional sheriff, striving to keep Isanti County a safe and desirable place to live as I dedicate myself to Public Safety.
PROACTIVE POLICING-expanding undercover theft investigation, direct follow-up with victims. DRUGS-better patrol coverage, support/implementation of drug courts, preventative education for youth. Drugs relate to the majority of crimes committed. Rather than have repeat offenses, Drug Courts address the source of the issue, recovery/rehabilitate, accountability, and support successful behavior. SENIOR CITIZENS-target financial scammers, increase participation in senior safety focused groups
The Isanti County Sheriff’s Office needs to be seen as a true member of the community. We need to gain trust and community buy-in as we work together to understand concerns within the public and build crime prevention strategies which must include citizen input. When citizens stop reporting crime, we’ve failed in our positions. If we don’t acknowledge our shortcomings, nothing will change. I’m not too proud to say that we can do better and, as your sheriff, we will.
Information must be made publicly available, when possible, without delay. Technology is one of the simplest means of do this. This includes a range of methods from body-worn cameras (when not in violation of Data Privacy), in-squad camera systems, police reports and social media outlets. As sheriff, I would consider a transparency website that can include agency data and information regarding Isanti County’s policy and procedures. The site would also include community-based efforts and programs
As sheriff, I will put great value in the development of others and authentically care about the success and growth of this office and the community. I am an active listener, am aware of environmental issues affecting officers and citizens, and I have foresight into the consequences of these issues. The desire to serve others has always come natural to me. I would call myself and I believe this community would agree that Servant Leadership best describes me.