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Kandiyohi County Sheriff

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    Eric Holien

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    Eric Tollefson

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If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (500 characters)

What do you see as the biggest challenges to your office, and how would you address them? (500 characters)

What procedures would you implement to improve or maintain transparency in the sheriff’s department’s activities? (500 characters)

How would you describe your leadership style and how that qualifies you for the role of sheriff? (500 characters)

Campaign Website http://holienforsheriff.com/
Campaign Email ericholien@msn.com
Campaign Mailing Address BOX 3010
During my 1st term, I have had the great honor and privilege of serving as your Sheriff. I’ve worked diligently and collaborated with stakeholders to move the Sheriff’s Office in a new direction and vision we had in 2018, and that commitment hasn’t stopped. My experience and commitment to the Kandiyohi County residents proved my significance, value, and capacity to serve as your Sheriff. As US Army Veteran serving in multiple leadership roles as well within the Sheriff's Office prior to my office proves my abilities to lead those who are under my care. I will remain a transformational leader, one who will drive transformation rather than just reacting to it. Empowering employees and remaining creative will make a shared vision come true.
1) Employee Wellness Programs. This program consist of physical fitness, mental health, and overall wellness. Healthy staff = better service 2) Pursuing best practices to Law Enforcement Responses to Mental Health Crisis. Goad is to keep staff and those in crisis safe, improve lives, and reduce suffering for those involved. 3) Recovery & Transition assistance for Chemically Dependent & Mental Health Services for Criminal Offenders. During recovery a thought map is how we interact with others.
Recruitment and retention. You want to be the agency that everyone wants to work for. 1st by empowering the employee that can be in a number of ways. Allowing job flexibility and schedule where appropriate. Provide multiple career ladders. Staff Wellness and Peer Support Group to encourage healthy lifestyles and identify and intervene with at-risk employees. Continue with employee impute in decision making processes, recognizing exceptional work by staff, and staff communication.
The Sheriff must first understand that law enforcement-community relationship is a social contract. We must make information publicly available, currently that is done via annual reports, media releases shared on Facebook, news media, and presentation to interest groups throughout Kandiyohi County. We also require accountability for our actions. Use of force reports are used and help public understand why law enforcement officers do what they do. Little to no delays on data request is a must.
Transformational Leader. The community wants and needs a leader who will inspire its staff to embrace change and achieve their vision based goals. The Sheriff and their administration must have a lot of energy, persuasiveness, and integrity to get the community vision accomplished. Yet remain effective by balancing communication and skills strategies such as modeling leadership, motivating members, managing group processes, making decisions, and mentoring its members.
I have been working for the Kandiyohi County Sheriff's Office for over 26 years, during which time I have worked as a patrol deputy, a detective, and most recently a patrol sergeant. I feel these positions have made me a well rounded professional, prepared for a higher leadership role in this field of work. Also, I served on the Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg school board for 12 years where I gained experience working with local communities and schools to improve the educational experience for our students. I have been a resident of Kandiyohi County for my entire life and can ensure that I will lead with the best interest of the community members in mind.
My top priority is to ensure sheriff’s office staff compassionately respond to mental health crises because of the sensitive nature of these situations. Also, continuing to support and actively collaborate with our CEE-VI drug and gang task force to help in ensuring a safe community for all. Additionally, being actively engaged with all the sheriff’s office staff and community members to create a cohesive department and community.
One of the biggest challenges is maintaining the public’s trust of the sheriff’s department. The main way I plan to gain the public’s trust is by leading the sheriff’s department with personal integrity and encouraging the staff to do the same. I believe that during my career with Kandiyohi County I have demonstrated to the community members as well as my coworkers that I always act with honesty while having the community’s best interest in mind.
I believe the best way to improve transparency in the sheriff’s department is to regularly engage all members of our community. Additionally, I plan to utilize local media outlets and social media when needed to continuously inform the public about sheriff’s office initiatives, current crime and drug trends and what we are doing to improve life within Kandiyohi County.
I am a person who leads by example. I am engaged, innovative and open minded. I believe it is important to provide the proper training to our deputies to ensure they are capable of handling any situation they encounter. With over 26 years of diverse law enforcement experience I am aware of the areas needing improvement in this profession and as sheriff it is my goal to address these areas and help form well rounded deputies who are able to meet the ever changing expectations of those we serve.