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Washington County Attorney

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    Kevin Magnuson

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If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (750 characters)

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What do you see as the biggest challenges to your office, and how would you address them? (500 characters)

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The County Attorney’s chief responsibility is safety. I’m committed to keeping us, our homes, and our communities safe by vigorously and appropriately prosecuting violations of the law and proactively deterring crime. Holding criminals to account is essential. At the same time we cannot incarcerate our way out of all society’s problems. Public safety is often best served by using the prospect of a life-changing prosecution to convince juveniles, for example, to take responsibility and enter into structured opportunities for growth while still being held accountable. I’m also continuing and expanding our intervention and treatment programs for people struggling with addiction or mental health and strengthening our successful Veterans Court
As an attorney in private practice for over 20 years, I’m experienced in a wide range of areas, including complex business litigation, white collar criminal defense, federal and state civil and criminal investigations, and internal corporate investigations. At the County Attorney’s Office for three years, I provided legal counsel to the County Board, administration, and department leadership, as well as counseling multi-county Joint Powers Boards. I also handled fraud and vulnerable adult cases.
Pete Orput built an exceptionally talented office of professionals who share his values and vision. He left a tremendous legacy. I recognize the large shoes I have to fill. Yet change is an opportunity for growth. I’ve been moving full speed ahead to pursue justice with the same passion and to do the right thing the right way. With law enforcement and community health services, we will meet the challenges of the post-pandemic crime increase and growing mental health and addiction problems.
I’m committed to seeking justice for all of us, regardless of creed, color, sexual orientation, or national origin. Before becoming the County Attorney, I helped lead the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion effort in the office. Not only am I working hard to ensure that everyone in our office feels welcome and is working together toward the same goals, I’m also committed to ensuring that every person who comes into contact with our office—from cops to defendants—is treated fairly and with respect.
For 23 years, I’ve upheld the law, helped victims, and shown the character and commitment to purse justice for all—and that’s how I lead this office. Like Pete I’m passionate about community outreach and work collaboratively and transparently with the public and our partners. I’m also resuming our pre-pandemic law enforcement training. Internally, every attorney in the office supported my appointment in June. I trust our managers to direct and support the great work of our attorneys and staff.