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Red Wing Council Member at Large

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    Janie M. Farrar

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    Chad Kono

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I am qualified, prepared, and ready to serve. I have extensive leadership experience in my past, and I have specific leadership training through my work with the Blandin Leadership Cohort and being chosen as a University of MN Humphrey Policy Fellow. I choose programs that purposely engage people that are incredibly different and bring them together to discuss and converse about civic innovation. I have a record as a community volunteer and an elected School Board member of working with others, building trust and transparency, and serving with respect towards my constituents and fellow board members. I also have a deep commitment to serving to ensure that Red Wing remains a vibrant city. Change is needed on the City Council.
My top three priorities are Tax Relief, Community Development, and Respectful Leadership. As I door knock and discuss with the residents of Red Wing these are the concerns I hear from them also. Tax relief is needed as our city has high taxes when compared to other like-sized cities. Community Development is important as we have a stagnant population and empty storefronts. Finally, respectful leadership needs to return. We need to be able to work and discuss with everyone.
I would make our public safety department a priority. I would choose to not make seemingly random personnel decisions that hurt and divide our city. I would listen to public safety leadership and make sure they are getting what they need. I would make sure we are comparable to other like sized cities when it comes to equipment and vehicles. Finally, I would help bring together stakeholders/organizations to work on the societal issues around drugs and mental health to unite our neighborhoods.
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Campaign Email konox001@umn.edu
Campaign Mailing Address 1478 HILLSIDE DR.
RED WING, MN 55066
My background in local and regional planning, university advancement and as a local elected official in South Dakota has provided me with 42 years of experience of working collaboratively with a wide variety of constituencies. Coupled with my 22 years of military experience in the Army Reserve, retiring as a Lt. Colonel, I believe that I have the personality and leadership skills to serve my community and represent the interests and concerns of the citizens of Red Wing on the city council.
1. Bring civility and reason to city discussions and proceedings. These are tenants for a functioning democracy that produces common sense decisions for the common good.

2. Instill a pride of ownership of our property, neighborhood and community. How we interact and present ourselves with our neighbors and other citizens of our community contribute to our community image.

3. Broaden and diversify our tax base by maximizing the attractiveness of our community to visitors and investors.
After my initial stint in the US Army, my first job was working as criminal justice planner which involved working with local police, judicial and correction officials to use federal financial assistance to improve professional training and providing assistance to modernize equipment and facilities. Through that work, I gained an appreciation for the work of the men and women who risk their lives to protect the safety of our communities. I will work diligently to support public safety officers.