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Robbinsdale Council Member Ward 3

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    Mia Z Parisian

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    David Robins

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Campaign Website http://miaparisian.com
Campaign Twitter Handle @https://twitter.com/miazparisian
Campaign Email mia@miaparisian.com
Campaign Mailing Address 3742 MAJOR AVE N.
I have spent most of my life in Robbinsdale, now living in my childhood home. I care deeply about our city's legacy. I have been engaged in Robbinsdale's community from my very first job in Robbinsdale Parks and Recreation as a teenager, until now serving as Chair of the Robbinsdale Planning Commission. My work as an Instructional Designer requires the essential, transferrable skills to do end-to-end needs analyses, work with subject matter experts, and deliver relevant information and knowledge in an accessible and approachable way to a wide range of audiences. I am the level-headed, trusted, servant leader on the ballot. I am honored to be supported and endorsed by Robbinsdale Mayor Blonigan and Ward 2 Council Member Sheila Webb.
I care about building an inclusive community. I aim to ask the right questions and take action to ensure that every person is supported in policies and procedures.

I care about the environment. I support green initiatives and educational programs. I will work to connect Ward 3 residents to safe and accessible mobility options.

Finally, representation. The City Council should reflect the lived experiences of its residents. I want to build partnerships for those looking to get involved in govt.
I will work with the Robbinsdale City Manager Tim Sandvik and the Robbinsdale Police Department to improve communication, which will foster a more positive, consistent relationship between our community, Robbinsdale visitors, and the RPD.

I will also work hard to ensure throughout the Blue Line LRT Project that Ward 3 Residents have safe and thoughtful access to downtown and impacted areas. We need to maintain mobility throughout our city.
Campaign Twitter Handle @Robins4Rdale
Campaign Mailing Address 3923 welcome ave n
robbinsdale, MN 55422
I think many Robbinsdale voters feel like I do. We’re sick of party politics. It’s sad how it’s so pervasive. It’s hamstrung our political system. Social media has made it worse. Voters are not dupes. This is City Council - not Congress. I support the 2nd Amendment, for example, but it’s not relevant to my abilities to address public transit issues. Voters know that whoever enters this role can’t just ram through their pet projects. Every action has a cost and consequences. Maybe my work on the Charter Commission gives me perspective. Admittedly, we’re a bit older and a bit wiser. I recognize that my convictions will assuredly not match every resident of Ward 3. Not a problem! But still, the work must get done. People are counting on it.
It’s validating to hear that many of my priorities match the concerns of others in Ward 3. Waste Management, understandably, is a big one. But this is no less a garbage problem than it is about transparency in our budget, in city planning and how we communicate with our residents. Why did the city agree to a one-company waste contract in the first place? What’s our long-term vision for city development? What are we doing about neglected properties? Are we really getting value for our tax dollar?
When we say “public safety,” the first thing we think about is policing. Understandably. But we need to think more broadly on this. How our city government collaborates with our police is really important. What good are ordinances if they’re biased or outdated? And if they’re not biased or outdated, then why aren’t we enforcing them consistently? Also, when we think of public safety, we need to think about neighborliness. It sounds so simple, but friendly neighbors make neighborhoods safer.