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Rochester Council Member District 1

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    Andy Hemenway

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    Patrick Keane

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If elected, what will your top three priorities be and why? (500 characters)

How will you work with your community to promote public safety in our neighborhoods? (500 characters)

Campaign Email andyh929@hotmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 929 17TH ST SE
I am driven to succeed in everything that I set out to accomplish. I listen and respond with words and actions to the needs of my local community with their best interests in mind. I am a visionary who can set goals, take the appropriate actions, and get results. I am a team player who is able to lead when need be or compliment the leader with other group members to solve the task at hand. I'm an optimist, who believes that no matter how small or slow of a step we take forward we are still getting closer to the goal. Success comes to those who are patient. I am nonjudgmental. We all live on this planet and all want to compliment it the best we can. Some are comfortable speaking out, others are not. I will speak for those that are not.
My priorities are public safety (policing, street construction, water and flood control), affordable housing, and preservation and extension of our park and trail system. All of these are vital pieces to Rochester's success. With 3 million annual visitors to Rochester and 30,000 daily commuters we need a well maintained road system. One that the police, firemen, and first responders can navigate in a safe, efficient manner. Affordable housing for seniors, and low to middle income family's.
I will advocate for a resurgence of neighborhood watch programs in neighborhoods. Not only does this bring people closer together it helps people feel safer in their community allowing them to get outside. Better lightening by our schools at night and artificial speed bumps by schools to slow traffic. Also, slower speed limits. It's not only fuel efficient and cost effective to drive slower it is also safer for everyone. Clean, free of debris road drainage systems to inhibit potential flooding.
Campaign Website http://keaneforward1.com
Campaign Email keaneforward1@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 1718 8 1/2 AVE SE
My life experience, my people skills, and my empathy for residents under stress make me an excellent city council candidate.

For experience, my education, my corporate technical and management resume, and my many years of volunteer work in the community have prepared me for this responsibility.

For people skills, I enjoy work with people either one-on-one or with larger collaborative groups. I understand contention systems, and how to work toward consensus.

Lastly, I have found that empathy for those under stress creates the best form of representation. I have worked through neighborhood disputes and also resident conflicts with City Services. Understanding the stressful nature of these issues is critical to success.
Seems over-simplified, but

1. Responsive City Government; 2. Efficient & Affordable City Services; 3. Public Safety.
I will continue to work with our Police Leadership Team to implement 21st Century Policing Principles. I support the six pillars that make up our local department's Blueprint for Re-envisioning RPD into the future.

The challenges and the practice of policing has changed over the years. Rochester works to adjust our practices and to leverage new tools (camera's, phone tracking, etc) to keep our community safe.

I also work with our Fire Department on fire coverage models and chem risks.