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A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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    Siafa R. Barclay

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    Wayne Groff

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    Dale M. Howey

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    Robin Schroeder

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Serving on the Planning Commission, the Human Rights Inclusion and Engagement Commission, and four years on the City Council has provided me with a broad range of experience with, and knowledge of, the City of Roseville and how city government interacts with its residents. Listening and communicating are two key skills I bring to the decision making process and allows me to help residents understand how and why these decisions are made. I also have experience interacting with Ramsey County, MN state government and the Metropolitan Council which play a large role in how local government operates. My goal is to have a transparent, inclusive process and increase resident involvement in city government.
My top 3 priorities are: 1. Environment and climate change-every decision made by the city must address this issue to reach our net zero carbon goal. 2. Inclusion of residents in the city government process. Through the "Visioning Roseville" process we intend to focus on all Roseville residents-especially under-represented communities. 3. Ensure that the city is providing quality services, including fair and just policing, and effective and well trained fire department.
The RPD has made great strides toward more fair and just policing. I have strongly supported mental health care for police officers and training for officers to recognize situations that may involve a mental health crisis. I also support the addition of two social workers to assist officers in such cases. I encourage residents to participate in making Roseville safe by being aware fo their surroundings, observant in their neighborhoods, and reporting any suspicious activity to the police.
Campaign Website http://Howey4Roseville.org
Campaign Twitter Handle @@DaleHowey1
Campaign Email dale@howey4roseville.org
Campaign Mailing Address 991 PARKER AVENUE
I have a track record of problem solving, from becoming a linguist in the military out of high school, from novice to ski instructor in Austria, and, after completing a college degree in psychology then running a business. I look at an issue from all angles, whether it be hiring practices, asset allocation, or budget questions. When I saw the need for change to address global warming, I put my resources to work to become part of the solution. Throughout my life, I have learned that when I run into an obstacle, I work it out or find someone who has more expertise than me and build a team. My Air Force experience required me to work across cultural differences and language barriers to solve problems and restore lines of communication.
My top three priorities are: Transportation, sustainable development, and incentives to transition to a greener economy. To combat climate catastrophe, we need choices in transportation. We must provide safe walking and bikeways, public transit, and clear wayfinding so people can get to all the great businesses in Roseville. Our businesses need resources to offset costs to transition to clean energy, and a circular economy. Our city must steward smart, environmentally friendly development.
I would support and continue the good work that the fire and police departments have implemented, improving their standards and practices. I applaud the equity and inclusion partnerships the city has forged, and will continue to support those. I believe we need to continue to engage the youth in our city to be leaders, support formation of block clubs, and identify families in crisis, so neighbors can come to their aid.
I have deep roots in Roseville and love the community. My parents moved here in 1950; my husband also grew up here, and we chose to raise our two daughters here. My career was also dedicated to the community and family, as 4th generation to own and operate Schroeder Milk Company, which contributed to the community's success for decades. I previously served the City of Roseville when the Council appointed me to the Roseville Finance Commission for 5 years and was elected chair. That experience gave me the skills to understand how a city runs. I am a Board Member and Treasurer of the McCarrons Lakefront Alliance, because I care about the water quality and the environment.
Approaching the annual budget and tax levy process in a fiscally responsible manner that is easily understood by the residents. Maintaining emergency services (fire and police) in a way that keeps residents safe while also promoting community outreach. Make sure we continue to invest in parks and trails to preserve what we have, while at the same time being responsive to the changing needs of the community.
Encourage our police and fire departments to build positive relationships in the community by getting out and spending time with people. Have events that bring people together to develop strong neighborhoods and provides the community the opportunity to see our police and fire in a positive light.