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Austin Council Member Ward 3

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    Ronald A. Kelly

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    Joyce Poshusta

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Campaign Twitter Handle @@Kelly2Ronald
Campaign Email morningkelly@hotmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 1403 4TH AVE. SE
AUSTIN, MN 55912
I was born, raised and lived in Austin most of my life. Faith, Family and Freedom made Austin a strong community. Our Constitution and civil rights are based on Christian values. People are created in God’s image and life is sacred. I have life experience and many contacts. Married for 45 years and a minister for 30 (7 in Austin) Helped Youth for Christ. We support Rachel’s Hope. I was a small business owner. I know state legislative leaders. I have worked as a para-sub in our schools. I know teachers and school board members. I assist parents that home school. I have worked with disabled. I have friends that farm. Being retired gives me time to listen and work on people’s concerns. I will serve Austin. Call 507-279-9140 with concerns.
Working together with educators and businesses the counsel must help citizens and migrants become productive happy people while resisting the sexualization of kids. The unproductive become a drag on hard working tax payers. Working with church and community leaders we will help people be concerned about serving their neighbors and community as a whole to overcome conflicts. Working with legislators to relieve tax burdens on small businesses and people on fixed incomes. Focus on small towns.
Rising crime and lack of support for law enforcement is a problem. People need a safe place to live, work and raise a family. Drug abuse is growing. People must be encouraged to report suspicious behavior. Don’t defund police or allow criminals to roam the streets. Police presence will discourage crime. Discipline must return to the classroom. We need a support system for victims. The counsel and churches must work close together. Parental involvement in schools and Youth for Christ are needed.
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