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DC ANC 4C05 Commissioner

Duties: Serves as a member of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC). Commissioners represent the views of residents of their Single Member District (SMD). After deliberation and votes, the ANC Commission advises the Mayor, Council and executive agencies in local matters such as parking, zoning, traffic, liquor licenses, permits, etc.

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    Paul Johnson

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    Brittany Kademian

Información Biográfica

What is the most important issue facing your Single Member District and how do you intend to address it?

How will you engage with residents to be an effective Commissioner, especially reaching those who are unfamiliar with the role and value of ANCs?

Is there a question you wish we had asked? If so, what is the question and how would you answer it?

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Qualifications I have extensive experience and skills in community building and public service, and am passionate about helping my neighborhood. For the past two years, I have led Petworth Peanuts new parents support group—open to all neighborhood residents—and am now on the board as Vice President to help direct and implement programming and community events. I have volunteered to lead new parent cohorts, organized weekly speakers, and provided educational resources. I also collaborated with local businesses and residents to organize big new neighborhood events for Petworth families, including the annual Halloween Spooktacular in Sherman Circle and Pride in the Park. I served as the President of the North Columbia Heights Civic Association from 2012-2014, where I worked with local residents, ANC Commissioners, and the Ward 1 Councilmember to help save the Columbia Heights Dog Park. In this capacity, I also regularly organized community clean-ups, supported new local businesses, and held an At-Large Council Candidate Forum and a Ward 1 Council Candidate Debate to allow for local residents to meet and ask questions of these candidates. To address traffic safety issues, I advocated the installation of a four-way stop at the dangerous intersection of 5th and Webster Street NW, worked with DPW to get a new public trash can installed at the corner of 7th and Webster St, and obtained one way street signage for 7th street.
Campaign Twitter Handle @@kademian87
I feel that the biggest issue we face in ANC 4C and the greater Petworth neighborhood is public safety—both traffic safety and protection against gun violence. Many Petworth intersections lacking all-way stops contribute to crashes and pose a threat to pedestrians—including children walking to school, our elderly neighbors, and bicyclists. I spent 7+ years working with local elected officials and DC departments to finally get a four-way stop installed at 5th and Webster, but this should not have taken that long. I plan to collaborate with ANC Commissioners, the Ward 4 Councilwoman’s office, 4C’s Vision Zero Committee, and local residents to pressure DDOT into implementing traffic safety measures in 4C, to include installing more 4-way stops and speed bumps. I will also work with our Councilmember, the Fourth Police District, Cure the Streets, and fellow ANC Commissioners to come up with fresh new ideas of how to address gun violence and help improve public safety in our community.
Unfortunately, communication with residents by my opponent, an incumbent, has been nonexistent as he is known to be unresponsive to constituents when they reach out to him directly for help. It is vital to our community that we improve the communication from ANC commissioner to constituents, and I plan to make myself more accessible to neighbors to contact via email, phone, texting, or meeting in person. I will distribute monthly newsletters to communicate neighborhood issues, meetings, and progress to residents. Additionally, I plan to organize quarterly SMD events—such as Grant Circle meetups, neighborhood cleanups, and block parties—to allow neighbors to meet with myself and each other and talk in person. I plan to keep residents informed and provide a line of communication between community members, our Councilmember, other elected officials, and government agencies.
What else do you wish to achieve as ANC Commissioner?

If elected, I plan to collaborate with fellow ANC Commissioners to address 4C-wide issues and improve our wider community. This position is not simply about leading and improving my small ANC SMD, it is also about helping to improve issues across our ANC and greater Petworth neighborhood. This includes ensuring that neighborhood schools, such as E.L. Haynes Education Campus and Barnard Elementary, receive robust resources so that its students and staff can excel; helping small businesses thrive on Upshur Street Corridor and Georgia Ave; and supporting increased affordable housing options in our neighborhood.