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DC ANC 5B07 Commissioner

Duties: Serves as a member of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC). Commissioners represent the views of residents of their Single Member District (SMD). After deliberation and votes, the ANC Commission advises the Mayor, Council and executive agencies in local matters such as parking, zoning, traffic, liquor licenses, permits, etc.

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    Gail A. Brevard

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    Justine Perkowski

Información Biográfica

What is the most important issue facing your Single Member District and how do you intend to address it?

How will you engage with residents to be an effective Commissioner, especially reaching those who are unfamiliar with the role and value of ANCs?

Is there a question you wish we had asked? If so, what is the question and how would you answer it?

Qualifications I have been active in my community, with my parents, since the age of six. I served the community as a Girl Scout who grandparent sat with seniors ; as a Woodridge Elementary School Patrol Officer at the age of ten who helped kids safely cross the street; as a community babysitter at the age of twelve; and as a Metropolitan Police Department (MPDC) law enforcement officer at the age of-----whatever. My final assignment with MPDC was as Patrol Service Area (PSA) Commander at the Fourth Patrol District. I was involved in many community matters involving the ANC and various civic organizations and community groups. After retiring from MPDC, in 2014 I decided to run for the ANC position in 5C01 in lieu of that seat becoming vacant. I worked with MPDC and rallied the community to come against the open-air drug markets in our neighborhoods and won a great victory, which stretched from Eastern Avenue to 18th Street, NE. I hold a B.S. in Criminal Justice. Currently, I am employed as a Criminal Justice Tutor.
Traffic and pedestrian safety. During my eight years (8) of service to the community as ANC, many streets within my district are now safe for pedestrians and not friendly to those who want to speed through our community via auto. The measures include the re- striping of roadways , crosswalks, and intersections , especially along Eastern and South Dakota Avenues; s peed humps and speed tables or additional speed humps on numerous streets; and, speed cameras.
My practice has always been holding meetings at the site of the concern. This meant outdoors, in spite of the weather or the time of day—yes, we have met at night and walked the community. I do not like meetings in a facility where folk are not provided a living visual of the area of concern. If it meant we needed to walk to cover the territory of concern, we have done so with positive results and I will continue to do so. Besides, it is so much fun and a lot of exercise!
Can you live off an ANC salary? NO! This is an elected volunteer position. No Salary! Keep your day job!!
Qualifications I have been a public servant throughout my entire career and have always had a strong commitment to helping others, so I would love to dedicate my free time to helping the neighbors and community that I care deeply about. I have over a decade of experience working in an advisory role to provide resources to the community at a public university, akin to the types of services and advocacy I'd be providing as a Commissioner for this Single Member District. Since deciding to run for ANC on August 5th, I have submitted the equivalent of ~ one service request every day to 311 and other agencies (30+ to date in mid-September) on behalf of my neighbors to help them with issues they mentioned to me and weren’t sure how to resolve, and I plan to continue this trend and to hold agencies accountable for performing the work. Most of the service requests have been for traffic calming measures and traffic safety investigations in the neighborhood. I’m a single mom to a teen who attends school here in the District (and hence, very much understand the concerns of other parents in this SMD about children and families being able to walk or bike safely). We moved here in 2017 while I was completing graduate school and working full time, so we needed to find our “village” quickly. We did - we immediately felt welcomed and cared for, and I would like to continue to pay that forward to both long-standing residents and anyone new who comes into our community. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the neighborhood and other areas of DC. Some neighbors will probably recognize me from my many walks around the neighborhood with my dog or my son. I am an aspiring gardener and have been working on slowly transforming my yard into a pollinator garden with native plants. I have strong interests in sustainability, nature and the outdoors, and DIY projects. I currently work for the federal government. My educational credentials include a BS in Applied Economics and Management, a Masters in Education, and a Ph.D. in Technology Policy and Innovation.
Campaign Twitter Handle @JPforANC5B07
Website www.anc5b07.com
I have had an opportunity to walk the entire SMD, and between what I’ve witnessed myself during these walks and what community members have raised when I’ve asked, it is clear that the #1 issue is street safety. Residents are afraid to be out and about in the community because of the aggressive driving, excessive speeding, and failure to follow traffic laws. The issues have only gotten more egregious since the onset of the pandemic. No one should fear for their safety while moving around the neighborhood, whether that’s walking to school, going to the bus stop, going to church, enjoying a bike ride, or just existing anywhere outside in the proximity of cars. I plan to advocate for the installation of additional traffic safety measures on our residential streets, press DDOT to accelerate the timelines for the installation of these measures and hold them accountable, and push for full enforcement of traffic safety laws that are currently being broken every day in our neighborhood.
The key to engaging with residents and being an effective Commissioner lies in being visible and accessible, which also helps build trust. A Commissioner cannot fulfill their duty to the community if they rarely hold meetings, never seek input from those they serve, and are not regularly out and about talking to neighbors. My goal is to eventually meet every resident in this SMD so they can put a face to my name. As a Commissioner, I plan to hold regular meetings, both virtual and in-person, for maximum accessibility and reach. I will publicize the meetings widely and provide regular updates to the community via different social media platforms, flyers, email, word-of-mouth, and anything else I can think of because ANC information should not be exclusive to a select few. I also plan to hold a variety of non-meeting events to help neighbors get to know one another (and to get to know me as well) and build community, such as such as resource fairs, neighborhood walks, and cleanups.
What else do you plan to focus on? More details can be found on my website anc5B07.com, but to continue on the topic of safe streets, I also support installation of protected bike lanes, creating dedicated bus lanes, and encourage the use of public transportation. In terms of other focus areas, I would also like to work to centralize and enhance our community resources and support housing and economic development. Regarding the former, I first want to make sure everyone is aware of existing community and DC resources and also assess whether everyone's needs are being met. If not, let's find ways to meet those needs within the neighborhood. For the latter, in addition to welcoming additional housing options and new community members with open arms, I'd like to support and publicize our small businesses while also introducing some innovative options for economic development given the limitations we have with available spaces and facilities.