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DC Ward 3 Member of the State Board of Education

Ward 3 Member of the State Board of EducationDuties: Ward 3 Member of the State Board of Education represents the citizens of Ward 3 and is responsible for advising the State Superintendent of Education on educational matters, including: state standards; state policies, including those governing special, academic, vocational, charter and other schools; state objectives; and state regulations proposed by the Mayor or the State Superintendent of Education. (Source: ossee.dc.gov)Non-Partisan positionVote for One Candidate

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    Eric Goulet

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    Michael Sriqui

Información Biográfica

What are the top two issues that motivate you to serve on the State Board of Education?

What specific experience or skills prepared you to serve as a Board member?

How do you intend to hear from, respond to and balance the needs of students, parents, and teachers?

Campaign Email goulet4ward3@gmail.com
Education J.D. at University of Notre Dame; B.A. at S.U.N.Y Geneseo
Campaign Twitter Handle @@EJGoulet
(Issue #1) I will address Ward 3 school overcrowding, in the upcoming Attendance Zone Boundary Study, by working with Ward 3 parents to advocate for the following issues: ensuring that all Ward 3 neighborhood schools have physical capacity to guarantee Pre-K 3 & Pre-K 4; ensuring that we have an adequate number of classrooms to reduce class sizes; finding sites to build new Ward 3 schools; and advocating for additional funding for Stoddert Elementary School modernization to avoid the split of the Stoddert School Community. (Issue #2) I will work with other Board members to develop an engaging curriculum and extra-curricular activities to reduce the achievement gap between schools in different wards of the city and improve graduation rates.
I am the son of two unionized public-school teachers who instilled in me a belief in the importance of ensuring everyone has access to an excellent education. I taught a high school course in law school. I will use my two decades of DC government experience working on education policy, legislation, and budgets to ensure that every student has an exceptional public education experience. As the Budget Director for DC and the DC Council for 8 years, I have led initiatives: to write the legislation which began the $5 billion Phase 1 capital modernization of DC Public Schools; to fund universal Pre-Kindergarten in District of Columbia; to increase education funding by 38% over 4 years; and to expand the School-Based Mental Health Program.
I am very excited to build a coalition of Ward 3 students and parents to collectively advocate for issues before the Council and the Mayor regarding important Ward 3 and citywide public education matters. We can mobilize this coalition to testify before the Council and advocate to the Executive Branch during budget formulation. I also want to work closely with our teachers to improve retention by: advocating for timely annual approvals of union contracts with salary increases, benefits, and other employee retention incentives; providing free tuition for continuing education opportunities and loan forgiveness programs; and supporting the creation of affordable working housing for Ward 3 teachers to live in our Ward 3 communities.
Campaign Email sriqui@gmail.com
Education MSc, London School of Economics & Political Science, London; BSFS, Georgetown University; Walt Whitman High School, Bethesda, MD
Campaign Twitter Handle @michael_sriqui
Public school communities often need a dedicated advocate who's willing to show up, listen, and help shepherd important needs through a complex education system. It's critical we elect Board Members dedicated to being partners in the fight to meet funding, learning, and staff needs, and that starts with having an actual presence in the schools. I'm the only candidate with children enrolled in public school.

I will also focus on 2 specific curricular issues: First, increasing the pace of improving how reading is taught, to help close race and class-based disparities in literacy and help identify challenges like dyslexia earlier; Second, approving new social studies standards with a focus on civics to help rebuild our democracy.
First, I made the choice to be a direct stakeholder in public education by enrolling my children in public school and am the only candidate in this race who can say that. I'm the only candidate with direct experience with the tough process of setting school budgets through service on a Local School Advisory Team. I'm the only candidate who has assisted families find the right public pre-k and other spaces for their children through the Parent Advisory Council of My School DC. I'm an ANC Commissioner in Palisades, and have supported our schools through grants, enhanced safety for walkers and bikers, and advocated for feasible school expansion and construction projects to relieve the overcrowding plaguing Ward 3's schools for a decade.
I've had six years under my belt getting to know how to help constituents connect with services they need from the DC government, and will bring that skillset to my service on the Board of Education from day-one. Good service on the Board, however, doesn't begin by viewing the needs of students, parents, and teachers as a political balancing act. The Board should consider every issue before it from an understanding that these groups' needs are interdependent when it comes to the bottom line of providing every public school child with a quality education. Just as we recognize the nexus between strong public schools and strong communities, we should support all stakeholders making progress in unison and support of one another.