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A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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    Craig Espelien

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    Jeremy Nichols

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    Alan Schultz

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    Jason Woody

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Campaign Mailing Address 19251 102ND PL
My wife and I recently moved to Corcoran from Minneapolis and are part of the Bellwether Community. My background will help the city synthesize the needs of a modern and growing city with the history and legacy of Corcoran as a rural community.

From large company process to small company energy, these skills will help the city maximize sustainable growth, minimize taxes and expenditures and work closely with surrounding communities to build a total infrastructure founded in a shared service model.

Additionally, my complex problem solving skills will help identify issues early and create a set of solution choices designed to maximize the experience of all residents of our city.
#1 - Mindful and purposeful growth with an eye towards maximizing revenue

#2 - Strategic deployment of resources with the goal of rigorous spending oversight

#3 - Enhance total quality of life - for this generation and generations to come in our community
Collaboration - bring all players together to understand what is needed and how to best deploy resources to fulfill those needs.

Accountability - it appears we are quick to defer to developers in the city. My goal is to hold them accountable for helping us grow our city while maintaining quality of life for all residents.

Responsibility - where do city responsibilities end and where do community responsibilities begin. The city must be active in the community.
I’m the best candidate because I have demonstrated a commitment to helping residents and business owners thrive in Corcoran.

I supported the Old Sturbridge road residents in their effort to avoid a large electrical substation being placed next to their homes, pushed for city action to deal with drainage issue affecting residents of Rolling Hills near highway 55 when a new storage facility was approved nearby. I advocated for residents who wanted variances, helped improve storage ordinances, narrowed construction hours, instigated the removal of extra charges for dust control, got concessions for additional trails to benefit the residents of Bass Lake Crossing, and will continue to work to make Corcoran the best city possible.

1.) Development must be required to create and preserve high quality parks, trails, and upland open space to preserve Corcoran’s natural beauty and habitat.

2.) We must maintain fiscal discipline and efficient services to retain control of our own future and be able to say no to development that doesn’t match our vision.

3.) Encourage diversification of the tax base to allow residential tax rates to fall over time.
Corcoran is the safest city in Minnesota in spite of spillover crime from the downtown core and neighboring cities because of the high quality, community oriented police force we have today. I will continue to support our PD’s needs as the city grows.

Public safety in Corcoran will need to take responsibility for fire and medical services in the coming years as neighboring city charges rise. I am committed to ensuring cost effective, high quality service as we plan for this expansion.
Campaign Email alanschultz870@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 6519 HUNTER LN
I feel I'm the best candidate because of my experience and passion for public service.

Experience - Prior to serving on the council for the last four years I was on the planning commission for four years. In that time, I have been actively involved with long range planning, public safety, land use and development, road and infrastructure improvements, budgeting and various other topics.

Passion for Public Service - I'm not running for office because I have single interest that affects me. I'm running because I have a passion to serve and help my community. I love working collaboratively with the public and staff to find common sense solutions to problems that improve our lives and community.
Development - Through responsible residential development we can preserve the character of our community while providing a variety of housing for all stages of life. Promotion of commercial development will provide convenient services and jobs to our community while lower the tax burden on residents.

Taxes - With prudent fiscal responsibility we can lower our tax rate while still providing quality services and amenities to our residents.

Providing quality essential services.
I have and will continue to support public safety as the city of Corcoran grows. I’m working to ensure our police department attracts and retains the best talent available, they are appropriately staffed and have the resources they need to protect Corcoran's residents and businesses.

Thought our support of community outreach programs like Nite to Unite and Shop with a Cop, our officers our connecting with community members and building positive relationships with youth in our community.
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