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New Brighton City Mayor

The role of city mayor can vary from city to city. However, the mayor is usually the head of the city and may represent the city in front of other government bodies. A mayor also usually has a role in proposing a city budget that is approved by the city council. The budget influences the services the city provides to its residents. Mayors sometimes are voting members of city council, and in some cities the mayor is in charge of city council meetings.

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    Glenn R. Kluthe

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    Kari Niedfeldt-Thomas

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I have lived in the City for 52 years and a homeowner for 30 years. I have been active in many civic organizations, including President of the New Brighton Jaycees twice, receiving a Minnesota Jaycees award for Excellence in Planning. I have been involved as an adult leader with several youth groups and youth sports.
It is a responsibility of the City government to provide a safe affordable community for all residents. Low crime and low affordable taxes are key to attracting new residents and new businesses. In person meetings regrading redevelopment, less reliance on virtual meetings.
Police and fire department personnel levels are critical to maintaining a safe City, Well maintained streets in both summer and winter, as well as safe sidewalks and bike lanes with pedestrian friendly crossings are important to residents. Proper speed limits for the neighborhood streets with regular police visibility help to keep streets and neighborhoods safe.
Campaign Website http://www.VoteKariNT.com
Campaign Twitter Handle @twitter.com/VoteKariNT
Campaign Email kari@votekarint.com
Campaign Mailing Address P.O. Box 120332
New Brighton, MN 55112
Serving others to build community is one of my core values, and I have earnestly served as Mayor of New Brighton in my first term. My 30 years of leadership and success in the private, public, civic, and nonprofit sectors has served New Brighton well.

There is much more that New Brighton must achieve. There are many significant community engagement and economic development plans, and other resident and business assessments, for which I have the vision, expertise, and drive to complete.

I have brought a professionalism to the role of Mayor in our City and for New Brighton to access resources, to be included in regional plans, and to be seen as a leader in the North Metro, my hard work, networking, and advocacy are needed.
My top three priorities will be: TRANSPARENCY— Develop and execute data-driven decisions and actionable plans communicated with benchmarks and dashboards; COMMUNITY—Deliver meaningful engagement and solutions for an inclusive municipal government that welcomes our diverse community; HOUSING—Advocate for policies to support all residents at all stages of life and income levels. These were my top priorities in my first term, and while we have made progress, there is more work to do.
I will continue my successful efforts working with the community to promote public safety. This includes: advocating for the newly-released Ramsey County Attorney Dashboard on adult and youth crime data as transparency into the system for data-driven decisions; supporting NB Public Safety’s budget requests for additional resources, including an additional officer; and encouraging NB Public Safety to shares its great work, and tips on how community members can be a partner in preventing crime.