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A council member serves on the city council. The city council makes any decisions on behalf of the city. This includes authorizing spending and adopting local laws. They oversee all city activities, including city services, programs, licensing, public safety, and more.

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Campaign Mailing Address 9448 CREEK RIDGE LANE
SAVAGE, MN 55378
EXPERIENCED LEADERSHIP: 24 yr resident, City Council 5 yr, Planning Commission 11 yr, Army Reserve 20 yr Vet, SCALE Exec Chair, 169 Coalition, MVTA Board…and much more.. I have grown and developed Savage. I’m here to continue the legacy of success we have achieved.

VISION: Changing from growth to buildout to redevelopment. Become a destination spot with a sense of community identity. Providing commerce and housing opportunities. Embracing our natural spaces, parks, city services as the best around. Regional intermodal transportation center to include the Dan Patch Rail Line.

UNDERSTANDING: Diversity and inclusion are forefront to our community conversation. We must understand & embrace our community to move forward to service everyone.
DOWNTOWN REDEVELOPMENT: Revisioning the open space along HWY 13 & Quentin and the future of the Quality Inn site to revitalize and grow our downtown.

TRANSITION FROM A DEVELOPING COMMUNITY TO A SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY: 95% buildout means no more new developments funding the growth of the city. We must identify solutions to fund our Parks.

BECOME A REGIONAL HUB FOR INTERMODAL TRANSPORTATION & COMMERCE: Push for the Dan Patch Rail Line, bus service, bike trails, park & rides & HWY 13 improvements
Savage is proud to be one of the safest communities around, it’s part of why people want to live here.

Savage already spends around half of our budget on Public Safety just for our Police and Fire.

We have recently transitioned from a part time into a full time fire model, reducing response time and increasing services.

We have included hiring more police in our next years budget.

Our annual Night 2 Unite brings our neighborhoods together and we watch out for each other.
My experience is different from the other candidates and those currently on the council. I bring both private sector and government work experience. My engineering background provides a strong foundation for critical thinking. Throughout my time at the Scott County CDA I have already been working on behalf of the residents and businesses here in Savage behind the scenes and have established relationships with community leaders. 6 years on Planning Commission/3 years as elected Chair has helped me gain additional knowledge on city matters. I am a good connector and know the importance of collaboration and adapting to changing conditions so we can efficiently approach projects, resulting in a benefit to Savage residents and taxpayers.
(1) Balancing increasing costs and inflation - maintaining a stable tax rate for residents: Enhancing our city’s tax base will help control costs to residents (2) Public Safety: Increasing needs in our police and fire departments account for half our total city budget. Effectiveness needs to be monitored (3) Redevelopment: Our city is aging. The Hwy 13 corridor, downtown, and CR 42 corridors need to be areas of focus for redevelopment so Savage remains a great place to live, work and visit
Thankfully Savage is relatively safe and we don’t see an overabundance of major crime issues, but that's not to say they don't exist. Strengthening existing and promoting new neighborhood watch groups, community-wide events, community outreach from the city, Night to Unite involvement, and building resident trust with law enforcement and our public safety teams are all important ways we can promote public safety.
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