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School board members oversee the care, management, and control of schools within the district. This includes hiring, firing, and overseeing superintendents, who manage the day-to-day affairs of the district. They also set budgets and policies that affect students in classes and other activities that affect the students’ wellbeing and education.

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    Peter Lemke

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    Travis Weber

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Facebook (Full URL) http://www.facebook.com/LemkePete
Campaign Email peteforstma@gmail.com
I am asking STMA residents to trust me with their vote for School Board. I am the only candidate giving parents a voice in their child's education and what they are exposed to. I will represent parents and taxpayers and ask tough questions of the School Board and Administration about how the District is governed. I will represent you, and hold them accountable. I believe the two most critical issues facing the District are respect for staff and teachers and that we will continue to lose quality staff with a passion for education and making a school district work. We should demand that students are respectful to staff/teachers. More funding or another levy will not address these issues. Current leaders have failed and its time to change.
Give parents a voice in the education of their children.

People will be able to address the Board and be acknowledged and heard. Anyone who wants to address the Board at a meeting should be allowed to speak and not be limited to 3 per issue. The public should be allowed the opportunity to speak to any item being voted on.

I will work to bring transparency to the District governance starting with live-streaming meetings and providing more comprehensive minutes on discussions and decisions.
I will start by listening to staff and teachers to hear their concerns and fully understand safety concerns/issues and effective solutions. We will work with the District to enforce and update policies as needed to make sure schools are safe for everyone. We will work with outside agencies such as Wright County Sheriff’s office to ensure we have the best safety plan for each school. HS arrival and dismissal should be reviewed to make sure it is safe for all students, buses, and Jameson traffic.
I have been a member of the STMA community for 29 years. As a candidate seeking reelection for the STMA school board my opinion is no more important than other members of this community. As a financial services professional of 26 years, I do not believe I know better than the teachers and administration that lead our top ranked district. It is my belief the role of a school board member is to listen, ask questions, seek to understand and only then make factual based decisions understanding both short and long-term benefits and consequences. My professional expertise will assist me in asking difficult questions, give me an advantage in finding solutions and allow for my leadership to assist in implementing what’s best for all kids.
•Funding - STMA is a district which the current state funding formula does not support fairly. Doing more with less is not a moto to hang our hat on but instead a moto which should motivate our community to act. •Hiring & Retaining – To continue our past success we must be creative in how we attract and retain high quality educators. •Tradition of Excellence –Without action and support for our schools, our ability to maintain a Tradition of Excellence is gone. This is a priority we cannot lose.
During my time on the Board no topic that has been more important than my work on safety in our schools. This includes: •The installation of a Raptor background system / Locked building entry retention areas / High traffic flashing crosswalk signs/lights / Educator training with the Wright County Sheriff’s office & fire departments / Closed circuit cameras / Enhanced Air and Water filtration systems / On-site professional support for students and educators struggling with mental health needs.
Having attended nearly all school board meetings since having students at STMA and also leading the STMA Legislative Action Team, I have a strong understanding of the complexity of the issues STMA is facing. I am passionate about preserving our students' educational experience and I am already working hard to advocate for school funding at the state level.

Professionally I hold a Masters in l/O Psychology. My career was built around studying group and individual dynamics in the workplace to find solutions and solve problems. I understand organizations who prioritize recognizing and engaging their members are the ones who ultimately succeed. I look forward to the opportunity to bring my skills and experience to the STMA school board.
Funding; without additional funding we will not be able to provide the educational experience our teachers desire, students deserve, and our parents expect.

Listening and Transparency; we must rely on the experience and perspective of many to make quality decisions. Ensuring stakeholders are involved and informed is paramount to our success.

Classroom Experience to deliver Academic Excellence; teachers must be supported in providing an environment that allows all students to achieve success.
Whether we are discussing school safety in terms of building security, bullying, or mental health support we must mitigate risk. Our buildings need to be places that are safe, but also places where students feel safe.

As a board member I will support policies and programs that enforce this. I will also trust that the building staff, administrators, and students are best positioned to weigh in on areas needing to be addressed, and will heavily weigh all input that relates to school safety.
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I am the best candidate for School Board because I am a strong advocate for our students and for public education. I’m a collaborative leader who believes that no problem is too big or too difficult to address: collaborative solutions to all problems - nothing can be solved with one person’s opinion or unilateral authority. I am straight-forward and unafraid to discuss difficult topics: I do not believe in passive communication. I will be open, honest and direct with all issues that come before the Board.

Finally, I believe that in order to maintain our Tradition of Excellence, we must be able to recruit, hire and retain the best candidates available - which is possible with a School Board that supports its educators.
1. School Funding - We need an entire board that works relentlessly with State and Federal elected representatives to change how our schools are funded - particularly unfunded mandates. This is essential to our long term success. 2. Supporting Educators - Teachers are highly educated, licensed professionals who should be able to teach State Approved curriculum without fear or intimidation. 3. Board Transparency - when’s the last time you saw detailed minutes or a recorded meeting?
Safety is of the utmost importance in our schools and we cannot take it for granted. Working with administration officials and teachers to ensure that open communication is always present and our students know they have support from their teachers is paramount in keeping schools safe.

Prioritizing mental health and continuing education for our educators to be able to recognize and address safety concerns is very important. No child should be afraid to go to school, for any reason.
Campaign Website http://www.travisjweber.com
Campaign Email 885@travisjweber.com
Campaign Mailing Address 10417 62ND ST NE
I’m passionate about education. My daughters are in 3rd and 5th grade here in STMA and I’ve volunteered in the high school for the past 5 years as a programming mentor for the robotics team. I have lived in the area almost my entire life, the last 13 years being in the St. Michael-Albertville district.

I want what is best for our students, I believe in putting students first and will focus on their needs above all else. All students deserve a high-quality education, in an environment where they feel comfortable and safe.

I have attended most board meetings over the past year, I’ve been keeping up with the current issues our district is facing and am ready to help solve our upcoming challenges.
My top concern is our growing class sizes, and what that really means is funding. We need to come up with innovative ideas to increase our revenue, working with the state legislature to get more state funding is a priority.

Mental Health is also very important to me, the last two years have been extremely stressful.

Transparency is another area we can do better on, we need to get the community more involved with current issues and be transparent with how we’re handling them.
I feel that mental health is the largest safety concern facing us. More counselors and smaller class sizes will help but those are not enough, we need to be proactive.

We need to support our students and staff by supporting policies that keep everyone safe and promote inclusivity, and support budgets that prioritize mental health and safety measures.