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Arden Hills City Mayor

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    David Grant

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    Gregg Larson

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As mayor for the past 12 years, I know Arden Hills. I have added trails, businesses, jobs, and held the line on city taxes. My MBA provides a framework to plan and evaluate city operations. Budgeting for infrastructure and capital improvements is made annually and reviewed monthly. The city is award winning for its financial management and communication of our budget

I reach out and connect with our partners routinely, bring people together. I partner with other government units for economies of scale, enabling cost savings.

I value residents input. I enjoy the hundreds of ad hoc conversations I have with residents. I know that residents know their neighborhood best and we work more effectively when we work together to secure our future
-Development of TCAAP to provide diverse housing choices, employment, amenities and a diversified tax base. Ensure ongoing property tax revenue covers costs. I understand the complex nature of the development and desires of our community. -Keep city taxes low while adding trails and enhancing and maintaining city services. -Maintain our unique and inclusive neighborhoods by adding trails, recreation programs, and by maintaining and enhancing our parks.
I serve as a board member of the Ramsey County 911 dispatch policy committee. I work to oversee the 911 Dispatch budget, operations and programs. I am proud to have implemented text to 911 and Pulse Point for quicker cardiac care response. I ride along with the Sheriff to observe in real time, our police services and effectiveness. Officers have the ability to share with me trends they are seeing and for me to provide them with needs in our city. I ensured we have new neighborhood watch signs
An effective Mayor has to understand City government, be a leader, and be a good communicator. Having previously served on City committees, the Planning Commission, and the City Council, I'm very familiar with Arden Hills city government, its structure, the Mayor's role, and Council functions. During my working life I have led both public and non-public organizations with budgets and responsibilities equal to, or exceeding, the City's. I also have led a variety of public and non-profit boards, including the Lake Johanna Fire Department, the MN Board of Assessors, the MN AIDS Project, and the MN Charities Review Council. All of these work and volunteer positions required strong communication proficiency in both written and speaking skills.
1) Negotiate a compromise agreement between Ramsey County and Arden Hills that moves the TCAAP/Rice Creek Commons project forward and protects the fiscal and public good interests of the City, 2) Complete key, safe trail connections that residents repeatedly ask for, without having to wait decades, 3) Build transparency by broadcasting Council work sessions, reestablishing City committees with resident members, and encouraging, rather than discouraging, public participation in City governance
Given our size, the City has always wisely relied on cooperative arrangements with neighboring governments - the Ramsey County Sheriff for policing and the Lake Johanna Fire Department (Shoreview, Arden Hills, and North Oaks) for fire protection. Both arrangements have been financially and operationally beneficial. I have two public safety priorities - building a new fire station for our City, and helping to promote more community, and therefore more safety, within our separated neighborhoods.