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Carver City Mayor

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    Matt Herrmann

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    Courtney Johnson

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Campaign Email ramertt@comcast.net
Campaign Mailing Address 974 WOODVIEW CIRCLE
CARVER, MN 55315
I have been a resident of Carver for over two decades. I own and operate a successful business. As a general contractor I have experience in managing budgets as well as other people's money. We have a growing residential population and a need to offset our tax revenue by soliciting commercial as well as industrial businesses. I believe it will be imperative for our town's growth.
Solicit both commercial and industrial businesses. To help set up Carver's success for the future. I will be fiscally responsible with tax payer's money. Given the current economic environment ( inflation, gas prices, interest rates) anything to help families greatly matters. Ensure election integrity and transparency.
I will work closely with our Sheriff to identify potential areas of opportunity for our town. For example should we implement neighborhood watch programs? How can we support our Sheriff's K9 department. Should we help raise funds to expand the K9 unit.
As the incumbent, my experience makes me the best candidate. Under my leadership the City completed infrastructure projects to keep up with the needs of our growing City, created a Pavement Management Plan that ensures the maintenance and funding for streets in the more established parts of town, and welcomed 15+ commercial and industrial businesses, which broadened our tax base and brought hundreds of jobs to Carver. I also know what the Mayor does, and does not do. For example, elections are handled by the County, NOT the City.

To see the differences between my opponent and I for yourself, please watch the League of Women Voters Carver Candidate Forum at www.bit.ly/CarverCandidateForum
TRANSPARENCY & COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT – Through communications efforts and resident outreach I’ll work to ensure residents know what is going on in the City.

FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – No one is more fiscally conservative than me on council. I’ll continue examining the City’s spending to ensure tax money is spent only on needs, and not on wants.

SMART DEVELOPMENT – Carver’s growth is inevitable. By sticking to the 2040 Comprehensive Plan, we’ll be ready to meet the needs of our growing community.
By working to press the Sheriff for increased transparency and more proactive communications with the City, I’ve built a strong relationship with the Carver County Sheriff’s Office.

I’ve supported the Fire Department’s purchases of a new pumper/tanker fire engine, radios, and self-contained breathing apparatus.

Through lobbying, I’ve secured more than $2.7 million in grants for Carver’s Levee Improvement Project, which will keep residents in our historic downtown’s 100-year floodplain safe.