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East Bethel City Council Member at Large (Special Election)

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    Kevin Lewis

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    Wanda McLaurin

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How will you work with your community to promote public safety in our neighborhoods? (500 characters)

Campaign Mailing Address 166 COLLEN ST NE
I have lived in East Bethel for 26+ years and know the city and many residents well. Important qualifications include personal integrity and extensive business experience, including at a senior management level. Stability is also key and I have been happily married to my wife, Linda, for 40 years and we are both close friends with our adult children, who also live in the Twin Cities area. Finally, familiarity with the opportunities and challenges to be faced if elected means I can hit the ground running; I have been following the activities of the East Bethel City Council, Planning Commission, Economic Development Authority, and Housing and Redevelopment Authority for quite some time.
1. Improve the perception and reality of the city's responsiveness to the needs of its residents and transparency in how it conducts its business.

2. Introduce a more disciplined approach to decision making and financial management; one based on Due Diligence.

3. Establish tighter controls on the City Council's power, such that it must receive resident approval for expenditures and/or new debt creation greater than pre-agreed limits.
In addition to funding the appropriate amount of Anoka County Sheriff's Department resources for our city, the best means of promoting public safety is for residents to get to know each other, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, complemented by city-wide events like booster days. An additional step is to encourage individual measures to secure residences and increase diligence. The Sheriff's Department is an asset in this type of education and equipping.
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