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Orrock Township Town Supervisor Seat B

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    Anne Felber

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    Bob Hassett

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Campaign Email gafelber@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 25409 189TH ST. NW
BIG LAKE, MN 55309
I have spent my entire 30+ year professional career working in Public Service in a large metro county in the Corrections arena. As a result, I have an intimate working knowledge of the dynamics involved in the business and community partnerships that are required for successful outcomes. I have experience in county wide program re-designs, department budgeting and developing working relationships with community partners. I would to improve the community engagement in the township business and to improve the responsiveness of the township to the citizens. I will work to make the business of the township available and public.
In order for communities and townships to be successful, the input and contributions from its citizens are imperative. Citizens should be the driving force in the management of their community. The business of the township should be accessible, open and responsive. I believe in being fiscally responsible with township monies, limiting the impact that government has on its citizens and giving a strong voice to the citizens of Orrock.
Decisions on how all monies, but especially ARPA monies are spent, need to be made with the best interest of all citizens in mind, not just what is best for the board or a small portion of the citizens. I would support small business in the township and defend the rights of property owners. I would work to develop a strategic plan for the Township, which does not exist at this time.
Campaign Email bobnhassett88@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 17175 245TH AVE NW
BIG LAKE, MN 55309
Prior to running for the board, I attended meetings for 2 years – listening, learning, helping and where I could and making suggestions on improvements and transparency. Now after 7 years people know me as being open respectful empathetic and fair in all matters. One that responds quickly to calls, insisting transparency, planning, budgeting for stable levies. I have joined residents with their issues on how the DNR manages our forest, moving spring elections to November saving money and increase voter turn out. I know who to call at county and DNR to help quickly solve issues. I was instrumental in securing a grant that saved taxpayers over $500,000. I work hard to encourage participation.
Our lakes area residents’ roads are becoming outdated; we must address this situation. We must foster township development while respecting residents’ country living expectations.  We struggle to make our small town hall meet current needs.  We need more room for township operations and elections and so that user groups like AA and permit-to-carry classes have a comfortable meeting place. We must continue to promote citizen participation and access to information.
Constituents need a stable levy so they can plan, budget and accomplish their goals. Township government MUST focus on providing basic essential services, good roads, timely first responders and timely access to the board so residents can voice their concerns and get resolutions. The board must NOT engage with issues that divide people. They MUST find ways to bring people closer together for their mutual benefit.