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Plymouth City Council Member Ward 4

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    James "Jamie" Page

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    Julie Pointner

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    James Williams

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Campaign Website http://www.pageservesmn.com
Campaign Email jamie@pageservesmn.com
Campaign Mailing Address 12005 49TH PLACE N
I want to keep Plymouth strong. As a resident of Plymouth for almost 30 years, I have led various community organizations. I enjoy connecting with our neighbors and learning from their stories, and I want to consider the diverse viewpoints represented in our community by offering a common-sense approach. It would be an honor to represent Ward 4 on the city council to ensure these perspectives are considered.
Keeping our community safe is critical. I would support our police force to make sure their staffing levels and training are adequate. There are also a number of streets and intersections that are dangerous. Expanding and maintaining our parks and natural resources for future generations is important. Plymouth needs to continue attracting businesses to help keep our taxes low for residents.
After connecting with hundreds of neighbors, I learned feeling safe is critical. Statistics show crime is down in Plymouth, but people do not feel safe right now. I would work closely with the Chief of Police and head of the Public Safety Department to ensure they have adequate training and staffing levels to address the concerns of our community.
Learning, listening, and public service are my foundation. I represent Ward 4 as vice chair of the Planning Commission. My degrees in education, sociology of crime, and organizational leadership, policy and development center on service to the public. I earned my masters as a single mom working full-time. For 17 years, my professional experience has focused on budgeting, engaging with state government, and business strategy. I have been a public high school teacher, a lead stat analyst, a researcher, and with a certificate in program evaluation, I’ve assessed non-profit agencies. This knowledge and experience means that on the City Council I will ensure the city will wisely use its resources for the benefit of all residents.
I hear from residents about redevelopment, public safety and green space—key elements of quality of life. In sites like Prudential and Four Seasons, I’ll encourage affordable housing for all life stages. This will help business by providing employees and customers. With family in law enforcement, I know and support our public safety and will seek to ensure responsive and equitable service. I will seek to maintain a healthy environment and keep our parks and green spaces vibrant and accessible.
I support our Police and Fire Departments, and they are doing an excellent job with training and community engagement. Reporting shows a decrease in crime in many areas. Yet we have residents who have been victims of crime and any instance is unacceptable. Working hand-in-hand with our public safety officers, I would promote efforts at community building: neighbors talking to each other; watching out for each other; knowing who to call in an emergency; and encouraging local crime watch groups.
Campaign Email jwilli99@comcast.net
Campaign Mailing Address 12825 43RD AVE N
My 30 year tenure in Plymouth has afforded me the best breadth and depth of experiences to help solve the many challenging problems our City faces today. Those experiences include: 30 year resident; 20 year member of the Plymouth Rotary Club; 15 year Owner and Operator of "Life Force Therapies" a Neurological Medical Clinic; Widower & Father to a Daughter & Son who graduated from Plymouth High Schools; Commissioner on the Plymouth Housing Redevelopment Authority; 2018 Graduate of the Plymouth Safety Citizens Academy, Member of the West Suburban Men's Public Safety Committee; and currently attending the 2022 Plymouth Environmental Academy. These experiences will allow me to add immediate value on my first day of service if I am elected.
(i) To enhance/sustain Public Safety;(ii) Provide more Affordable Housing;and (iii) Attract appropriate commercial businesses for the redevelopment of the 4 Seasons Mall. PUBLIC SAFETY is the foundation that produces an environment for long term growth, development, health and well-being. AFFORDABLE HOUSING is critical for local employers/employees, family stability and the educational opportunity and success for all children. 4 SEASON MALL redevelopment is critical for the surrounding area.
Form neighborhood groups with local police chiefs to develop a sustained constructive connection between law enforcement and the various diverse members of our City. Develop Strategic Plans with definitive objectives and timelines to achieve agreed upon objectives. These relationships will help to build Mutual Respect, leading to Trust, which leads to Cooperation, which results in SUCCESS for all concerned citizens regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity.