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Robbinsdale City Council Member (Special Election) Ward 1

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    Raymond Blackledge

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    Lucas Harris

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    Noah Kolkman

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    Regan Murphy

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    Patrick Naillon

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How will you work with your community to promote public safety in our neighborhoods? (500 characters)

Campaign Mailing Address 4356 TOLEDO AVE N
I am an equity driven solution-oriented voice for our community. As a lifelong learner, I take in information through multiple lenses. My disposition is calm, approachable and strategic with enough urgency that helps to move conversations and matters forward. Robbinsdale is an evolving community and I want to be a part of supporting the evolution to maintain the charm that exists here. I want to listen to our residents, leverage their experiences and move forward with ways that ensure Robbinsdale is a destination and prime location. I am forward thinking as we look to continue to make Robbinsdale a relevant and viable community for its residents and all our visitors!
Leaning into learning. I would like to take the time needed to get up to speed on priorities, and needs from our residents. Focusing on Community Voice and Engagement. I aim to look and create multiple pathways for Robbinsdale residents and visitors to be heard. Infrastructure: How are we looking at potential impacts that may arise and getting ahead of them. Thinking long term about what the about what the city needs and how we can obtain those resources needed four our community.
There is an importance in knowing and acknowledging people. When we can acknowledge and see individuals, residents and visitors to Robbinsdale, it promotes the culture of seeing people and organically getting to know them. People feel more connected; they are more likely to look out for their neighbors and when visiting a community feel a sense of belonging and promote a sense of being seen and valued.
Campaign Website http://www.harris4ward1.com
Campaign Email harris4ward1@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 4513 QUAIL AVE N
I will bring a new perspective to the Robbinsdale City Council and work with neighbors and local businesses to keep our town thriving and a great place to live. City Council should be representative of the people in the area, and it’s time for some new faces in local government. I can provide new ideas and collaborate with other Councilmembers to work toward a more representative, modern City Council that strives for a more connected, diverse, and accessible Robbinsdale. I will work with residents and local businesses to build, rather than block new opportunities. I have years of experience working with general contractors and developers, and am comfortable working with diverse teams on a variety of projects.
1) Improve public transportation and connectivity by working with the Met Council on the Blue Line extension to achieve positive results rather than fighting against the plan. 2) Modernize internet options by getting Robbinsdale on the US Internet fiber service expansion map. 3) Reconnect the community by encouraging more community events and smaller neighborhood gatherings. Residents should know who their neighbors are and who represents them in local government.
So many public safety concerns stem from a fear of “The Other” and an increasing disconnect between neighbors. We need to refocus on an open community where residents, whether they rent or own, greet and engage with others. I will work with residents and business leaders to develop more opportunities for this type of outreach so we can focus on what we have in common, rather than our differences. I will also work to ensure new developments prioritize pedestrian safety and walkability.
Campaign Email nkolkmanbig@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 4029 XENIA AVE N
I come with an open mind, respect for everyone and a willingness to listen.
Public safety is one I'm passionate about. I would like a larger effort of getting neighborhood watches and block leaders for Robbinsdale. As a community, we can help keep everyone safe.

Second, I'd like to help residents by forging relationships with city services, holding vendors accountable, and streamlining access to city permits.

Third, we need to stay vigilant on the light rail coming into Robbinsdale, how it will affect residents and businesses, costs seen and unseen.
I will promote and support neighborhood watches and block leaders for Robbinsdale.
Campaign Twitter Handle @@mayor_murphy
Campaign Email regan.murphy@comcast.net
Campaign Mailing Address 4001 ORCHARD AVE N
Robbinsdale is my passion, not politics. My commitment is to the residents and working for what is in the best interests of the city and its constituents. My experience as Mayor for 8 years will provide an immediate impact. Being a council member is more than just attending weekly meetings. To be successful and create positive momentum for Robbinsdale, we need representatives that can listen, learn, be persuasive and build consensus. The best determinant of future success of a council person, is past performance. I have successfully advocated for Robbinsdale with our Governor, State Senators, State Representatives, State Senate Committees and numerous other businesses and stakeholders to drive significant improvements in our town.
Accessibility, Advocacy & Safety. My main priority is to address the concerns of residents. I commit to being accessible to residents and business owners. My second priority is advocacy. If it is important to Robbinsdale residents, it is important to me. I will help be a voice to the Council, City Staff, other elected officials and our business partners. Third, safety. All residents deserve to feel safe where they reside, in public spaces, at a business or anywhere in town.
We have extremely dedicated police and fire departments. Robbinsdale is also more capable to adapt or adopt new policies or procedures to address concerns than most cities. Key to safety in Robbinsdale is leveraging our adaptability to strengthen the relationship between residents and our police/fire departments. We need to keep improving the connectivity of resident to our safety departments. This can be done with more opportunities for citizens to be part of our safety policies and processes.
Campaign Twitter Handle @@nailon4ward1
Campaign Email nailon4ward1@gmail.com
Campaign Mailing Address 5820 42ND AVE N
I have been a lifelong student of American history and politics, mostly about the great presidents who made this country better, and so my take on politics is to start with the people. The real people, their needs, their place society and economy, and by lifting them up, we always lift up the whole of society. I have worked in multiple volunteer and non-profit positions which did such things as help hearing-impaired people, take people to Tijuana orphanages, and support the LGBTQIA+ community thru multiple groups, and just getting out at Pride events and giving people hugs.

I work well with people, especially in getting people together to made decisions and bring about positive results. As a Robbinsdale home owner, it is my duty to help.
First, I want to work with the Blue Line, to be sure that Robbinsdale gets the best deal possible. Additionally, I know many people are against the Blue Line, so I wish to help them see positives, and welcome it.

Second, many people in apt's have VERY poor security, electricity, and live in run-down dwellings, and still pay too much. I want to help them get better conditions.

Third, I want to drive improvement in our police, with more officers added, and better training for race relations.
Walk the neighborhoods (when possible), Work to improve the Robbinsdale web page, so that people tune in to it more. Visit schools, and appear at parent nights at schools to promote safety, and show people how safety is improving (whenever it does).