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Cleveland Mayor

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $152,500Justin Bibb (attorney, nonprofit executive, community activist) and Kevin Kelley (current City Council president and Ward 13) beat out five other candidates to win spots on the Nov. 2 general election ballot. Bibb and Kelley will be the only two candidates on the Nov. 2 ballot. Alcalde de Cleveland Legislatura: 4 años Salario: $ 152,500Justin Bibb (abogado, ejecutivo sin fines de lucro, activista comunitario) y Kevin Kelley (actual presidente del Concejo Municipal y Distrito 13) vencieron a otros cinco candidatos para ganar lugares en la boleta de las elecciones generales del 2 de noviembre.Bibb y Kelley serán los únicos dos candidatos en la boleta electoral del 2 de noviembre.The League would like to thank Dharma Valentin and TremontWest for translating the candidates’ responses into Spanish; Melaak Rashid of Smart Development, a Cleveland nonprofit serving refugee and immigrant populations, for the Arabic translations; and Asian Services in Action and Midtown Cleveland for the Chinese translations.

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    Justin Bibb

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    Kevin Kelley

Información Biográfica

Do you support the police accountability initiative that will be on the November ballot? How do you propose to improve public safety in Cleveland? Consider CPD’s budget and policing methods, crime statistics, and even noise complaints.

What legislation, regulations or policies would you propose to help alleviate the scourge of lead poisoning in Cleveland? Consider housing and public schools along with testing programs.

What steps would you take to encourage businesses to return to downtown with a full complement of employees?

Do you have proposals to stop Cleveland’s population loss and the area’s brain drain?

How do you propose to combat the increase in absentee landlords, mortgage foreclosures, decreasing home values, blight, and abandoned housing stock?

Age 34
Education Case Western Reserve University School of Law (2014 – 2018) Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management (2014 – 2018) American University, Bachelor of Arts - Urban Studies
Qualifications for office Chief Strategy Officer, Urbanova (May 2020 – Present) Vice President, Corporate Strategy, KeyBank (January 2019 – May 2020) Senior Consultant & Head of Global Cities Practice, Gallup (August 2015 – December 2018) Co-Founder & Managing Principal, Morris Strategy Group (July 2014 – October 2017) Director – Corporate Strategy, KGB (July 2013 – July 2014) Associate – Corporate Strategy, KGB (July 2012 – July 2013) Special Assistant for Education & Economic Development, Cuyahoga County (January 2011 – June 2012) Intern, Senator Barack Obama (January 2006 – May 2006)
Campaign email address info@bibbforcle.com
Campaign Phone (216) 260-5821
Twitter @BibbForCLE
Better law enforcement and systemic, accountable police reform are two sides of the same coin. I’m the only major candidate in this race to publicly endorse the Citizens for a Safer Cleveland ballot initiative. Comprehensive, citizen-led oversight will lead to police reform, improve law enforcement, save taxpayers’ money, rebuild trust, and most importantly save lives. I plan to reduce violence and increase public safety through evidence-based violence interrupter programs, educational and job-training programs for teens and young adults, more after school and recreational programs, fighting for better gun laws that takes illegal firearms off the streets, and successful community re-entry programs like Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry’s “Project Care” that offered citizens returning from prison the opportunity to transition back into society. Better law enforcement and systemic, accountable police reform are two sides of the same coin. As mayor, I’ll ensure we have both to stop crime.
We must live by and be held accountable to the principle that every neighborhood is vital to our future as a city. By focusing on our most vulnerable residents – children, seniors, those with disabilities, veterans, people in poverty, -- we will improve our quality of life and reduce inequality by directing resources to produce physically and socially safe, economically thriving, and well-served neighborhoods. As Mayor, I will bring a real commitment to enforcement, increased funding for screening and testing in public housing complexes and schools to minimize lead positioning in our city. I will also work with local organizations like the Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition, activists, and advocates to engage and educate the community on lead prevention resources and efforts. My Administration will also support the implementation of the Lead Safe Certification program to ensure property owners are in compliance.
Having a thriving urban core is essential to having a competitive city. To encourage businesses to return to Downtown, we have to get the basics right from increased access and affordable public transit, to activating more green spaces, and supporting restaurants and hospitality businesses to bounce back from COVID-19. It's critical we support local businesses to create, retain, and keep more good jobs with good pay, and good benefits, right here. I'm committed to putting local businesses and workers first in line for city contracts; and using American Recovery Act funds to expand small business jobs. We also have to ensure we have quality programming, activities and opportunities to activate Public Square and do a better job of connecting downtown to the lakefront. And finally, I will leverage the bully pulpit of the Mayor's Office to recruit more business and investment, promote and maximize Cleveland's assets, and be an unwavering ambassador of the city nationally.
Improving public education is a top priority to prevent further population loss and brain drain in Cleveland. During COVID, we lost many families to the suburbs because our school district didn’t have the resources to compete. Now, we have an opportunity to rethink public education and prepare students for college, work and life in the 21st century. My plan for education includes developing year-long internship and apprenticeship programs inside CMSD so students graduate with real experience and are on track to full-time employment in Cleveland once they finish school. I plan to work with employers and educators to build a user-friendly system that matches residents job skills with regional job openings, and to provide paths to better pay and benefits for city residents. I will also work to ensure all residents are within 15 minutes of a school, grocery store, park, and other community assets to help create an attractive environment for businesses and residents.
It is time we put people and neighborhoods first. I’ll direct resources to address core issues that impact our neighborhoods and will fight to protect and strengthen the quality of life for residents. On day one, I will use every element of the law to take bold, proactive, decisive action to hold predatory companies and polluters accountable for exploiting and destroying our neighborhoods. I'll work to pass pay to stay legislation to protect tenants from immediate eviction, take legal action against any owners failing to register rental units and issue Notices of Violations for breaches, and expand housing and building codes and ordinances to apply to third-party agents. I’ll incentivize our neighbors to rehab, improve and otherwise invest in their homes. Everyone deserves to breathe clean air, drink clean water, and enjoy streets that are free from trash. This is basic and environmental justice isn’t just a buzzword, it’s my commitment to you.
Age 53
Education Bachelor of Science-Marquette University Master of Social Work-CWRU JD-Cleveland Marshall College of Law
Qualifications for office President of Cleveland City Council Chair of Finance and Rules Committees Former Chair of Utilities and Transportation Committees. Decades of community activism
Campaign HQ Address 3650 Chester
Cleveland, OH 44114
Campaign email address kevin.kelley123@gmail.com
Twitter @kevinkelleyCLE
I support police accountability but do not support the proposed charter amendment. My Safe Neighborhoods Now plan has three basic pillars: 1) give police the support, tools and training they need to do the difficult job of policing; 2) institute true community policing that is tailored to each neighborhood. This will include neighborhood safety centers, foot patrols, bike patrols, and a community relations committee in every district; 3) attacking the root causes of crime, which include poverty, hopelessness, and disinvestment.
Council passed ordinance number 747-2019 requiring all residential rental units constructed before January 1, 1978 must have lead-safe certification from the Director of Building and Housing according to a schedule established by the Director. All units must be certified by March 1, 2023.

In addition the Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition was formed to be the community outreach arm of the lead safe effort. In addition to community outreach, the Lead Safe Cleveland Coalition is charged with raising money for the effort. Thus far, millions of dollars have been raised for lead remediation.
Restoring the vitality of the Downtown Neighborhood is important for the entire City. People love Downtown for the restaurants, street level retail, and general vitality. That is why we must do everything we can to help those small businesses who were most hurt by COVID. We cannot expect people to come back downtown unless there is a good reason to do so.
To stabilize our population we need strong schools, safe neighborhoods, and job opportunity. To create a strong, thriving economy, we must train our young scholars and workers for the available jobs in healthcare, skilled manufacturing, information service and the trades. As Mayor, I will make sure that career readiness starts in our schools in grade school, that we promote Say Yes to Education, and all Clevelanders have a full portfolio of opportunity.
I will focus on eliminating blight. This begins with demolishing the remaining 4000+ houses on the demo list, aggressive housing code enforcement, and enforcement of the rental registry and lead safe certification.

In addition I will continue to support tools such as loan loss reserve funds, such as the Middle Neighborhoods Initiative in underserved neighborhoods.