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Cleveland City Council, Ward 3

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $83,371Incumbent Kerry McCormack and challenger Ayat Amin were the top two in the Sept. 14 nonpartisan primary. They now move on to the Nov. 2 general election.Ward 3 includes downtown, Ohio City, the Flats, and portions of Clark-Fulton and the Stockyards.Ayuntamiento de Cleveland, Distrito 3Legislatura: 4 años Salario: $ 83,700 El titular, Kerry McCormack, está siendo desafiado por dos candidatos: Ayat Amin y Mike Rogalski. Los dos primeros en las primarias independientes del 14 de septiembre avanzarán a las elecciones generales del 2 de noviembre. El distrito 3 incluye el centro de la ciudad, la ciudad de Ohio, las Flats y zonas de Clark Fulton y Stockyards. *Please note that both candidates were asked to submit answers in English and Spanish. Only Ms. Amin did so.

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    Ayat Amin

  • Kerry McCormack

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Do you support the police accountability initiative that will be on the November ballot? How do you propose to improve public safety in Cleveland? Consider CPD’s budget and policing methods, crime statistics, and even noise complaints.

What legislation, regulations or policies would you propose to help alleviate the scourge of lead poisoning in Cleveland? Consider housing and public schools along with testing programs.

How would you ensure that federal COVID economic recovery relief funds reach Cleveland wards and residents who need it the most? Do you support public input in that budgeting process?

How should the city address the displacement stemming from gentrification of neighborhoods that have been home to the black community and other communities of color?

How will you communicate with your constituents to get their input and to dispense information? Would your ward's constituents benefit from expanded language access for city services?

Age 27
Education University of California - San Diego - B.S. in Physics MITx - Masters in Data, Economics and Development Policy
Qualifications for office I have been working in the nationally in field of economic development for the past few years. As part of that work I have: - Helped LISC Detroit set up an affordable housing loan fund - Supported Atlanta and St. Louis to support minority businesses - Part of initiative which brought over $100M in investment to rural Appalachia
Campaign email address contact@ayatforcle3.com
Campaign Phone (812) 552-6868
Twitter @ayatforcle3
I have 3 approaches to improve public safety: 1. External to CPD: -I’ve endorsed Citizens for a Safer Cleveland. -I support creating mental health first responders -We should integrate more forms of community policing

2. Internal to CPD: - Increase recruiting police officers who live in Cleveland - Increase minority and gender representation of CPD

3. Addressing the root causes of crime - Supporting affordable housing in Cleveland - Supporting access to mental health services to our vulnerable populations - Investment in poverty reduction programs
1. Refund the program to test for lead in children in public schools.

2. Set metrics to track the number of landlords who have undergone getting a lead-safe certification. Pay special attention to the location of certifications to ensure certification is happening in the most at risk neighborhoods.

3. Ensure the City has enough funding, staff and resources to process lead-safe certifications in a quick manner

4. Utilize federal funding for replacing all lead pipes in the city by the end of the decade
I was a member of the group asking for Participatory Budgeting in Cleveland (PB CLE). We wrote a letter asking the city to allow residents to vote on how $30.8 M of the ~$500M in federal funds could be spent. This would give residents a direct say in where that money goes.

In general, I am very for processes that improve transparency and incorporate residents' voices. I am an endorser of Clevelander's for Public Comment, and I want Cleveland to be transparent about its utility rate setting process happening now.
As part of my platform as an environmental candidate, I have put together a policy proposal called the CLEVELAND GREEN DEAL. It has 4 core values:

Affordability as a human right Ending environmental racism Investing in public spaces Fighting climate change

As part of the Cleveland Green Deal, I am specifically asking to guarantee affordable housing as a human right by reforming or replacing the tax abatement.

In Ward 3, we do not need the tax abatement and keeping it in place will only exacerbate inequalities in Cleveland.
I will communicate with constituents by

- Implementing a quarterly in person and virtual town hall similar to what Jasmine Santana does in Ward 14.

- Continue the legacy of attending block clubs

- Encourage public comment and other resident forms of input

- Creating a standard procedure for residential approval on development projects

And yes, my ward’s constituents would benefit from expanded language access for city services.
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