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Ohio House District 62

Salary: $60,584* Term Limit: 2 yrsResponsibilities: To represent the people of the district and the State of Ohio in dealing with matters not allocated to the federal government. *Base salary.

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    Erin Rosiello

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In what ways would you change our election system in order to be prepared for crises that impair the right to vote?

Under what circumstances is it appropriate for the state to restrain or check local government?

How would you implement a constitutionally compliant school funding system?

What will you do to combat gerrymandering and ensure that voter-approved redistricting reforms are implemented?

Where do you stand on efforts to protect our water, air, and land? Include how you would address climate change.

Where do you stand on gun safety measures?

Where do you stand on women’s reproductive rights and health?

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Twitter @erinrosiello
Education Miami of Ohio- attended Muskingum University -graduated-BA Business OCPM- OSU - Ohio Certified Public Manager
Training and Experience Erin Rosiello is an experienced, qualified civil servant, passionate about community, committed to involvement, transparency and accountability. As a former business consultant, business owner, salesperson and civil servant, she has spent her career fine-tuning necessary skills of listening, assessing and creating plans of action. Erin gained valuable experience assisting Ohio businesses as a Regional Manager for the Bureau of Workers' Comp.
In order to change our election system, here in Ohio to be prepared for future challenges to elections and people's right to vote I would like to see the following: * Automatic Registration - Currently there are sixteen states and the District of Columbia that have already approved automatic voter registration and more states are expected to pass the reform soon. This would make voter registration more of an opt-out, as opposed to opting in, whereby eligible citizens who interact with government agencies are automatically registered to vote or have their existing information updated, unless they chose to opt-out or affirmatively decline - this is not compulsory registration. * The Government agencies, with whom the voters interact will transfer the voter registration information electronically to election officials, a opposed to using paper registration forms. These are two common-sense reforms that would increase registration rates, clean up the voter rolls, and save states money.
For the most part, I believe that the state government should allow the local governments to manage local affairs, as outlined in the Ohio Revised Code. This helps deepen democracy in our country, allowing people to directly participate in decision making, with better ideas and knowledge about the local problems.

*The only time I think that it would be appropriate to step in and restrain local governments would be in situations where there was bribery, corruption, fiscal irresponsibility, or a failure to abide by the Ohio Revised Code or accepted financial and/or management principles.
Public education is key to Ohio’s economic growth and prosperity. Yet, despite four Ohio Supreme Court decisions finding the state’s system for funding public schools inadequate, Ohio does not have a sustainable approach to funding public education. Instead, our legislature has made it impossible for local school boards to fund their schools without a never-ending cycle of levies and continues to adopt programs such as ECOT and Ed Choice that waste taxpayer dollars and weaken public schools. Ohio families need lawmakers who value public education. In order to address the school funding issue, we need to re-examine Ohio's inverted tax system, where working class families pay a higher portion of our income for state and local taxes (property, sales, and income taxes) than Ohio's wealthiest one percent. I will fight to ease the tax burden on working families by supporting tax reform that requires wealthiest elites to pay their fair share of taxes.
Ohio has some of the most atrociously gerrymandered districts in the country and in 2011, Ohio’s districts were drawn in a private, hotel room nicknamed “The Bunker.” Ohioans were not able to view the maps until hours before they were voted on. These maps produced some of the most ridculously shaped districts in the country, like the “Snake on the Lake” (OH-09) and “The Duck” (OH-04). However in 2015 and in 2018, Ohio voters overwhelmingly supported two redistricting reform measures that rejected the past approach to redistricting and overhauled Ohio's process. To combat gerrmandering and endsure that voter-approved reforms are actually implemented I will fight hard to make sure that the new reforms are followed and that the voters are aware of, and involved in the process so that Ohioans have a real shot at achieving fair maps in 2021.
Let’s face it, too many industries are using our land as a toxic dumping ground. This is where we hunt, camp, fish, hike, bike, and swim. These industrial poisons even reach the places that we live. Ohio could, and should be cleaner, but once again corrupt politicians are taking money for these irresponsible wealthy industries. The Fossil Fuel industry has a big hand in this corruption along with several other industries. Our families end up suffering because of this. I will focus on protecting our families and sportsmen while opening up the markets to greater competition for energy sources. This will lower energy costs while at the same time cleaning up our properties, wilderness, and farmland. Additionally, we need a complete repeal of HB6 and to re-institute Ohio's renewable energy standards and Ohio's energy efficieny standards. Ohio, once a leader in renewable energy standards, can once again lead in renewable energy, clean energy jobs and the resulting savings.
Having been around guns throughout most of my life, I support the Second Amendment in conjunction with responsible gun ownership laws. Responsible gun owners and the average person are under siege by irresponsible politicians. These politicians are constantly failing to protect our children and families by giving in to the greed of elitist gun manufacturers. After each needless shooting of innocents, too many establishment politicians bury their heads in the sand and fail to do anything to prevent another mass shooting. This causes some of us to feel like sitting ducks in public areas like stores, and, movie theaters and schools. Shame on them for caring more about the profits of the wealthy elites rather than the lives of the people we love. Our representatives are paid to protect us, not the people who are making money hand over fist in industries like firearms manufacturing. I will always put the lives and lifestyles of people over profits.
I believe that it is important for individuals and their doctors to make decisions about their bodies, health and future, not politicians. It is important to protect reproductive rights because when we take away a woman’s health care, including abortion, her economic well-being and her ability to determine her own future are at risk which ultimately affects a woman’s ability obtain an education, have a meaningful career, and care for her family.