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For Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court Term Beginning 1/1/2021

Salary: $175,214Term Limit: 6 yrsResponsibilities: Hears all cases involving questions arising under the Ohio Constitution or statutes; hears appeals from Courts of Appeals decisions. The Supreme Court's decisions are final except in cases involving the U.S Constitution, statutes, or treaties.

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    Sharon L. Kennedy

  • John O’Donnell

Información Biográfica

List your judicial experience (courts and years)

What about your non-judicial legal experience qualifies you to be a judge?

Why are you running for this particular court seat?

Office For Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court
Age 58
Residence Hamilton
Twitter @kennedyforohio
Education Juris Doctor, University of Cincinnati, College of Law 1991; Bachelor Degree of Social Work, University of Cincinnati, School of Social Work, 1984
Work Experience Justice, Supreme Court of Ohio, 2012-Present. (read more at judicialvotescount.org)
Affiliations Present: Lean Forward: Advancing Veterans Treatment Courts Across Ohio (read more at judicialvotescount.org)
Justice, Supreme Court of Ohio, 2012-Present; Administrative Judge/Judge, Butler County Court of Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations Division, 1999–2012
My non-judicial experience informs my judicial experience and I draw upon that experience everyday as a justice at the Supreme Court of Ohio.

I began my career in the justice system as a police officer in the City of Hamilton enforcing the law and keeping the peace. I left law enforcement to attend law school and served as a law clerk in the Court of Common Pleas, General Division for Judge Matthew J. Crehan drafting memos and opinions for motions to dismiss and motions for summary judgment.

Serving as a solo practitioner, I practiced law in a wide-array of areas including, but not limited to, criminal, domestic relations, probate, and juvenile in both the trial courts of Butler County and the Twelfth District Court of Appeals. During that time I also served as Special Counsel for Attorney General, Betty D. Montgomery and a part-time Magistrate in the Butler County Area Courts hearing civil cases.

In 2019 the docket of the Ohio Supreme Court of Ohio included the following case types: 48.8% criminal; 21.8% miscellaneous; 17.5% civil; 7% practice of law; 4.9% domestic relations, juvenile, and probate.
I am seeking re-election to the Ohio Supreme Court to continue my service to the people of Ohio – applying the law equally – in a fair and impartial manner providing a definitive statement of law in a clear and concise decision.

In addition, I seek to continue my work beyond the bench, including but not limited to, my Lean Forward initiative which advances substance abuse and mental health treatment of justice-involved veterans, civic education about the importance of our tripartite system of government and the role of the judicial branch in that government and the availability of employment opportunities for women and minorities in the law, continuing to write and present legal education programs on important issues like professionalism and cultural consciousness, and my work to expand the reach of problem solving courts by incorporating programs like Bridges Out of Poverty and growing holistic re-entry programs.
Office For Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court Term Beginning 1/1/2021
Age 55
Residence Lakewood
Twitter @JudgeJackOD
Education Cleveland St. Joseph High School, Miami (O.) University, Cleveland Marshall College of Law
Work Experience Civil trial attorney 1993-2002 and 2005-2007; Judge, 2002-2005 and 2007-present
Family Married with five children
Affiliations Roman Catholic; St. Malachi Center Bd. of Trustees; (read more at judicialvotescount.org)
I have been a judge for over 16 years. I have presided over hundreds of jury trials, both criminal and civil, and scores of bench trials. I have handled death penalty cases. I was selected by the Chief Justice of The Ohio Supreme Court to be one of only eight judges in Ohio to preside over a commercial docket dedicated to the swift and just resolution of business disputes. I have presided over a criminal mental health docket specializing in the issues arising in the adjudication and disposition of cases where a defendant has a serious mental illness with a psychotic feature. I have a reputation for political independence, a necessity for any good judge.
I was a civil trial attorney who was in court almost every working day for approximately 10 years.
The Ohio Supreme Court decides issues affecting everyone on a wide variety of subjects: constitutional law; education; collective bargaining; employer/employee rights; civil rights; utility rates; criminal law; commerce; legislative districting and others. I want to bring to these issues an independent perspective, informed by practical experience and the law, to decide these cases for the common good of all Ohioans.