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Borough of Bellevue Member of Council Ward 3

The Borough Council implements the legislative and executive functions of the Borough, including the adoption of a budget and levying of taxes.

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    Jennie Denton

Información Biográfica

What are your top three priorities for this office?

What role do you see for your municipal government in interacting with Allegheny County Council?

How would you propose addressing the water, air quality and other infrastructure concerns of your residents?

Last Name Denton
First Name Jennie
Facebook Jennie Denton for Bellevue Council
Education Bachelor of Science in Communication Design. Graduated cum laude from La Roche College in 2003.
Qualifications for office Creative thinker, active community volunteer, passionate and caring
1. Build on the recent growth that we have seen to create a vibrant and thriving community. 2. Advocate for our residents who are more vulnerable to displacement and under-representation. 3. Build relationships with constituents and act as a true public servant to Bellevue Ward 3.
We are a part of Allegheny County and need to work together with County Council to meet the overarching goals of the entire region.
This is an issue that is very important in Bellevue, as close neighbors to Neville Island, and downwind from several concerning industrial sites. Local governments need to work together to hold companies accountable for being environmentally responsible, and it’s a top priority for me as a councilperson. Complaints and concerns about air and water quality need to be taken seriously. Monitoring infrastructure stability should always be budgeted for, and kept at the forefront of council discussions.