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Delmar School Board - at large

School boards are elected trustees who oversee the local school district and represent the community in matters affecting education. In Delaware, school board service is an unpaid position with a term of 5 years. School board elections are nonpartisan, and are held on the second Tuesday in May each year.The school board…Sets the vision and goals for the school districtEstablishes policies that give the district direction to set priorities and achieve its goalsHires and evaluates the superintendentAdopts and oversees the annual budgetManages the collective bargaining process for district employeesSets student performance standardsApproves curriculumApproves the school calendarSelects transportation systemsApproves contracts with outside vendorsManages facilities/construction issuesDelaware’s southwest border serves as the boundary of the Delmar DE School District.It functions in partnership with the Delmar Maryland School District. Delmar students in grades pre-K to grade 4 attend school in the Maryland district, while students in grades 5 through 12 attend schools under the jurisdiction of the Delaware district, with a total enrollment of approximately 1,400 students. The primary objective of this bi-state partnership is to “prepare students to become citizens of competence, conscience and compassion...”

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    Carol Ann Harrington

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    Farrah Morelli

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    Lawrence Sinagra

Información Biográfica

What is your vision for education in your community?

What is your background and how do/would those experiences and skills allow you to be an effective school board member?

The biggest dilemma in Delaware public schools right now is the reopening of public schools. When should your District resume full classroom instruction, and what is the school board's role in the safe return to physical buildings for students and staff?

Are you satisfied with the education outcomes in your school district such as literacy, numeracy, and graduation rates? If yes, please elaborate. If no, please explain.

What do you believe is a school board member’s role and responsibilities? Please elaborate.

How do you view the Education Equity Lawsuit Settlement currently on the table before the General Assembly?

Residence (neighborhood/area): Yorkshire Estates
Campaign email: caharrington04@gmail.com
Campaign Phone: (443) 366-2323
Are you currently a school board member? (Y/N) No
How many school board meetings did you attend last year? 0
Brief background bio (a single paragraph): I have been a member of the Delmar Community since 2005 when I started my employment at Delmar Elementary School. I currently reside in Yorkshire Estates with my children and three dogs!
I have sought this candidacy to bring fresh ideas to our district. I envision a time, in the near future, where our children return to school four days a week. I know that our teachers and faculty are doing an amazing job to support our children, but there is a vast difference in learning virtually versus in a classroom. Our children, especially those that that attend the Middle School, may be struggling to grasp concepts, that will prove key in their latter studies. There is a social aspect to the school environment, as well, that students are missing out on. Our children had opportunities while in the classroom to learn key educational and life skills such as: leadership, communication, and critical thinking. Having the accountability of being in the classroom, in direct view of their teacher, would help bring back structure that many of our students may need.
I have worked as an accountant for many years, but I did have the opportunity to work in a school environment for 11 years while at Delmar Elementary School. The experiences I saw while working in various roles at the School, and in the financial world, have allowed me to garner a skill set that would empower me to be an asset to the School Board. I began my journey at Delmar Elementary School in the Cafeteria, and then served in the classroom as a Kindergarten Instructional Assistant. After my time in the classroom, I served as the Medical Billing Liaison, and finally as the school’s bookkeeper, where I stayed for several years. I oversaw the payroll, accounting, and financial records for Wicomico County’s largest Elementary School. I believe that my experiences in these roles, working in a school and classroom setting, and my accounting background strengthen my knowledge on in-the classroom issues, such as instructional funding, that I would advocate for if elected.
As I have outlined my safe return to school plan in the first question, I do believe this should occur at the beginning of the next school year. This would give the board, administration, and teachers adequate time to develop a plan that would ensure students have their 3 feet of socially distanced space, adequate amounts of PPE for our faculty and students, and to ensure that all teachers and faculty who want to receive a vaccination have the time to get that vaccination. This would also allow time for the School Board Elections to occur and new terms to begin in July. The School Board has one of the most important roles in the safe return to school and that is listening. Listening to the needs of the school’s teachers, parents, and administration, and then effectively supplying those needs and making adequate funding options available for the supply of these needs. The ultimate role of any School Board is to make sure they supply the obligations that keep a school operating.
I am very pleased with the educational success of our District. There has been an influx of people moving to Delmar for our School. According to Delaware’s Department of Education Graduation Rate Summary, for the Class of 2020, the Delmar School District has the 3rd highest graduation rate in Sussex County. The only schools that have a higher graduation rate than Delmar’s 92.11%, is Sussex Tech and Sussex Academy. This rate of success should make the community very proud; nevertheless, I believe there is always room for improvement. The graduation rate between the Class of 2019 and the Class of 2020 did decrease by a slim margin, but this concerns me. I am concerned that upcoming classes may have been negatively affected by the pandemic and virtual learning. As a board member I will strive to increase our graduation rate year-after-year. Supporting our children as they transition back to the classroom with any educational assistance they need, would be my number one priority.
I believe that as a school board member you should have the empathy to listen to the concerns of teachers, parents, and students. You should be an inviting presence and a listening ear or helping hand to anyone who has a problem relating to the school district, or in general. In my opinion though, it should not stop there. A board member should not be someone that comes out once a month for meetings and is never seen in their community. If elected I would continue my enduring support of the students and faculty of Delmar High School, Delmar Middle School, and even Delmar Elementary School by attending all events that I possibly can. Sporting events, academic events, and musical production are events I have attended in the past and will continue to attend/support if elected. I want to be a face the community knows they can count on.
After reviewing this Lawsuit, I believe there are opportunities that could benefit our District. The $4 million commitment to High School teacher recruitment/retention would be great for Delmar as we continue to grow. Being a parent, I know there are times where overcrowding can be a problem. I believe this would allow the district to relieve the overcrowding. There is also funding for English Language Learners. Department of Education records indicate ELL students represent 3.41% of our district’s student population. The petitioners also believes that old property tax evaluations are causing school districts to miss out on funding. If approved, property tax revenue could increase statewide: therefore, increasing the amount of available funds for school districts that need it the (where there are areas of low-income). The Department of Educations records also show that low-income students represent 13.73% of the district student population.
Residence (neighborhood/area): Delmar, DE
Campaign email: Info@MorelliForDelmar.com
Campaign Phone: (302) 846-3071
Related affiliations and roles: Delmar Board of Education: President, Liaison: Wicomico County Board of Education, Delmar School District Wellness Committee Member, Board Representative: Administrator Interview Committee (Preliminary and Final Levels), Delmar Board of Education: Vice President, Board Representative: Professional Learning Community (PLC) Leadership Team, Board Representative: DE Depart of Education Performance Review, Board Representative: Race To The Top Initiative, Board Representative: Teacher of the Year
Are you currently a school board member? (Y/N) Yes
How many school board meetings did you attend last year? 16
Brief background bio (a single paragraph): My husband Joe & I have been married for nearly 22 years. We have six children together; three are currently attending Delmar Middle and High School in grades 8, 9, and 12. Our three oldest daughters are pursuing their undergraduate degrees at various colleges: Cornell University, Mississippi State University, and the University of North Alabama. I enjoy volunteering with non-profit organizations, camping, going to the beach, traveling and spending time with friends and family.
Website or social media link: http://morellifordelmar.com
My vision is improved and expanded Career and Technical Education programs for students who choose to enter the workforce directly after graduation. Helping my four children navigate the college and scholarship application process during the past four years has provided me with a thorough understanding of how to help our students. I want to increase leadership roles, community service opportunities, organizations and activities for our students in order to assist them with college admissions and the ability to secure funding for their college education. I recognize the importance of strong academics, athletics and arts opportunities for our students and wish to continue supporting all of them. I believe the district needs to work toward eliminating costs for Dual Enrollment and AP Classes for our students. I envision a district that provides a quality education and opportunities for all of our students.
I attended Penn State University majoring in Secondary Education and I have served for the past ten years on the Delmar Board of Education. I am currently the President of the Delmar Board of Education, Liaison to The Wicomico County Board of Education, Member of the Delmar School District Wellness Committee, and as the Board Representative to the Administrator Interview Committee (Preliminary and Final Levels). I have served in numerous other capacities throughout the last ten years, which are detailed in the "Related affiliations and roles" section.

I understand how the school board and secondary education systems operate and have many years of experience doing so. I have three children who very recently graduated from Delmar, a current senior and will have two children in the school next year. I have a good rapport with school employees, students, parents, and community members.
I believe the district should resume full classroom instruction as soon as possible, however, this is a complex issue hindered by numerous limitations set forth by the CDC and Department of Health. The board’s role is making sure that it is safe for our students and staff to return while being aware of and adhering to busing, cafeteria, technology, and classroom capacity limitations.
I believe our students are much more than numbers, statistics and test scores. I prefer to take a holistic view at student success and believe we need to work on making sure our students are equipped with the skills needed to enter the workforce, graduate from college and become productive contributing members of society.
School board members are responsible for creating a community vision of education, setting up and prioritizing goals related to that vision, developing standards and assessment tools necessary to measure progress toward the goal, recruiting, hiring and evaluating the performance of the Superintendent, monitoring student achievement, evaluating district programs, providing adequate training opportunities and informing the public about education programs.

School boards are also responsible for enacting fair policies, aligning personnel and fiscal resources to support the districts vision, setting and overseeing the budget, ensuring a safe climate to learn and teach in, serving as advocates for all children attending the school, and continuously working toward improving the educational experience.
I believe that all students need to be provided with equal educational opportunities. The resulting property reassessment settlement will raise more funds, but I’m not convinced they will be fairly distributed to the school districts. The next step toward education equity is developing and enacting a fair equalization equation and process to ensure that all school districts receive adequate funding to support the needs of their students.
Residence (neighborhood/area): Delmar, DE.
Campaign email: lawrence.sinagra@gmail.com
Campaign Phone: (302) 470-2350
Are you currently a school board member? (Y/N) N
How many school board meetings did you attend last year? 0
Brief background bio (a single paragraph): From Delmar For Delmar.
I want to see all children acquire and develop the life skills they will need to accomplish their goals at all stages of their education and continue to learn throughout their lives. Children are the lifeblood of our communities and need to be invested in.
I'm a third-generation graduate from Delmar. After graduating high school. I joined the Army and severed with the 2/75 Ranger Bn. After multiple combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan I returned home and started college. I graduated from Wor-Wic Community College with an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and then graduated from Salisbury University with a Bachelor’s of Science with a focus on Information Technology and GIS. I'm currently employed with Wicomico County Sheriff's Office as a Crime Analyst. I feel, I have the necessary skills to succeed at anything I pursue and will make sure those around me succeed as well. This is why I would be an effective school board member.
I feel my district should resume full classroom instruction ASAP. If schools follow the CDC guidelines and adopt what other states with full time instruction are already doing successfully then we should do the same. The longer we restrict children from social interaction the more repercussions we will see e.g. increase in mental illness, higher suicide rates, depression, anxiety, stress and decrease in self-efficacy. The school board should follow the recommendations of the CDC and do everything within their power to ensure the safety and well-being of every student if possible. They should institute guidelines that every individual at the school should follow like social distancing, wearing a mask and washing hands frequently.
No, Delmar High School is currently ranked #21 in Delaware public schools and #8,180 National out of 24,000 public high schools according to a study done by U.S. News. I feel one should never be satisfied until they reach perfection and even then, one should look for improvements.
First and foremost, I feel school board members need to set the vision and goals for the district they serve. These goals and policies need to give direction but also be attainable. Transparency should be an adopted philosophy.
I feel every student should have the same opportunities as the student next to them. The state of Delaware has started "Opportunity Funding" aimed at supporting disadvantaged students. I think this is a step in the right direction but Governor Carney needs to do a much better job. Our communities and our children deserve more.