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Woodbridge School Board - at large

School boards are elected trustees who oversee the local school district and represent the community in matters affecting education. In Delaware, school board service is an unpaid position with a term of 5 years. School board elections are nonpartisan, and are held on the second Tuesday in May each year.The school board…Sets the vision and goals for the school districtEstablishes policies that give the district direction to set priorities and achieve its goalsHires and evaluates the superintendentAdopts and oversees the annual budgetManages the collective bargaining process for district employeesSets student performance standardsApproves curriculumApproves the school calendarSelects transportation systemsApproves contracts with outside vendorsManages facilities/construction issuesIn the Woodbridge School District, five Board of Education members are elected on a rotating basis (with one seat open each year) from the district at large.

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    Margaret "Elaine" Gallant

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    Danielle Taylor

Información Biográfica

What is your vision for education in your community?

What is your background and how do/would those experiences and skills allow you to be an effective school board member?

The biggest dilemma in Delaware public schools right now is the reopening of public schools. When should your District resume full classroom instruction, and what is the school board's role in the safe return to physical buildings for students and staff?

Are you satisfied with the education outcomes in your school district such as literacy, numeracy, and graduation rates? If yes, please elaborate. If no, please explain.

What do you believe is a school board member’s role and responsibilities? Please elaborate.

How do you view the Education Equity Lawsuit Settlement currently on the table before the General Assembly?

Residence (neighborhood/area): Heritage Shores Bridgeville, Delaware
Campaign email: elmgallant@gmail.com
Campaign Phone: (302) 956-6978
Related affiliations and roles: Community in Schools-Student Mentor Volunteer; TidalHealth/Nanticoke Hosp-Volunteer
Are you currently a school board member? (Y/N) No
How many school board meetings did you attend last year? 3
Brief background bio (a single paragraph): I grew up west of Boston in Waltham, MA. I earned my Assoc. Degree in Computer Science (Newbury College), my Bachelors in Business (Boston College) and a Masters in Management Information Systems (Bentley University) while working full-time and attending college nights. Bob and I have been married for 26 yrs. and, although never blessed with children, I’ve helped raise two nieces and am a proud step-mom and step-grand mom. I worked in the private sector for 32 yrs before transitioning to the public and retired from the Comm. of MA, Exec. Office of Technology Services and Security as a Sr. Project Manager. Mentoring college interns, young professionals and junior team members has been a big part of my career. When I moved to Bridgeville, mentoring at the Phillis Wheatley Elementary School was a natural fit and I’ve loved the time spent with every amazing child I’ve been lucky enough to meet. Should I be fortunate enough to earn your vote, my plan is to continue mentoring while serving.
My vision is a strong partnership between the schoolboard, the parents, the school staff and communities so we provide every student the education and support needed to reach their full potential and to do so with the confidence to be successful; that our students are committed to graduating and are prepared to face the challenges of work and/or college in an ever-changing world.
My background includes working across multiple, disparate groups that, despite the differences, shared a common goal – service to the community. We were successful by finding common-ground, identifying shared goals, by promoting partnerships in those shared goals and, from that, building aligned and measurable objectives to meet those goals.

My experience also includes working with and learning from people of different backgrounds, ethnic makeups, cultures and economic diversities. This enriching experience gave me a deep understanding and appreciation that individuals from different backgrounds and from different walks of life bring new perspectives on old problems, encourages a more comprehensive discussion, and increases chances of success. These good-faith collaborations also help build the trust necessary to take on conversations where viewpoints may be more deeply divided and allows us to more successfully work towards a shared purpose.
I’d like to see the District resume full classroom instruction as soon as possible, not only for our students’ emotional and physical well-being, but to begin addressing, as best we can, the resulting academic equity gap. However, I also strongly believe that the school board’s role in providing that safe return for both students and staff, is to follow any CDC guidelines that will be in place at the time. We don’t know what those guidelines will be just yet, but I’m hoping for a green-light to a full return.
No, I’m not satisfied. The Delaware Dept. of Education Report Card (https://reportcard.doe.k12.de.us/) shows our graduation rate to be 83.3%, which is good. However, that same report card also shows that only 50.42% of our graduates are career or college ready, just over 31% are proficient in math and only 38.8% proficient in ELA. On top of that, USA Today, 3/11/20, did an expose’, Making the Grade? In These School Districts, Students Are Less Likely to Succeed’, and our school district is listed (https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2020/03/11/school-districts-50-us-where-students-least-likely-succeed/5000094002/).

It should also be noted that industry looks for a skilled resource base when assessing locations to expand or to launch a new business. Being able to provide skilled people with both math and ELA proficiency is a key factor in attracting industry, bringing jobs and increasing community value. I truly believe we can get there.
A school board member’s role and responsibility first and foremost, is serving as the school district’s liaison to the community and stakeholders. He or she collaborates as part of a team in governing the activities of the school district, in establishing community relations and always serves in the best interest of the school district and students as a whole. The board member participates in setting measurable goals that promote the board’s vision and community values. He or she provides honest input into the hiring and evaluation of the superintendent and school staff as well as in the planning and administration of student services. A board member needs to be comfortable and respectful in presenting opposing views at board discussions but supportive of any final decision made by the board as a whole. Board members also build public relations by advocating for the district and by building community support and understanding of the critical value of a quality public education.
This is a very positive step forward for Delaware schools; especially for those students, like our own, who reside in Title 1 school districts. It addresses an obsolete school funding formula established back in the 40’s which, over the years, resulted in insufficient funds to meet specific needs of underrepresented student populations. Inadequate funding is known to contribute significantly to poor academic performance and likely contributed to our low student achievement rankings.

Two key things for me in the law, are enhanced funding for the Early Childhood Assistance Program (ECAP) and full funding for K-3 basic education. Both of these cover the years where the foundation for future learning, especially in math and reading, are established. The poor performance we see in our high-school statistics didn’t just happen, they most likely started in those early formative years of K-3 and those challenged students continued to slip further and further behind with each year forward.
Residence (neighborhood/area): Farmington, Delaware
Campaign email: dtaylor3711@gmail.com
Campaign Phone: (302) 841-7913
Are you currently a school board member? (Y/N) Y
How many school board meetings did you attend last year? Four
Brief background bio (a single paragraph): My name is Danielle Taylor. I am a Delaware native, wife, mother of three and medical office manager. My children, ages 13, 9 & 7 attend the Woodbridge School District and have been enrolled with Woodbridge since they each began Kindergarten. I was inducted to the Woodbridge School Board on January 21, to serve a 6 month term and I am running to retain this seat for the following 5 year term. I have worked full-time managing a medical practice for almost 10 years. I have served as a Woodbridge Little League Board of Director since 2019, currently volunteering my time as the Player Agent. I have volunteered during countless little league seasons, as team manager/team Mom. I have coached/managed with the Western Sussex Youth Soccer Association. I love spending time with my family outdoors and going camping.
My vision for education in our community is to ensure all students in our district are educated to become highly successful, healthy, and contributing citizens.
Though I have an extensive employment background, I believe the most applicable experience I posses is being a parent of students currently enrolled in our district. In my opinion, being a school board member requires an individual to have a true and genuine interest in the district they represent. Being involved in the education of my children, I continue to experience first-hand the rewards and struggles they face on a routine basis. My interest is not political or financial. I want my children, their peers and all children in our district to have a rewarding and successful educational experience. Our children are our future! The parents and children of our district should have a voice, and it's my aim to help be that voice.
It is my opinion that our district should resume full classroom instruction when it is deemed safe for all involved. Unfortunately, there are many external factors that heavily weigh on this occurring. It is my hope that Governor Carney and DPH officials are able to re-evaluate current bussing and classroom restrictions to align with CDC recommendations, and re-open our schools safely for all students, staff and administrators.
While no district is perfect and there is always room for improvement, I personally am satisfied with the education outcomes within our district. Aiming to excel in our community and be a leader of education outcomes, I believe Woodbridge has continued to succeed in literacy, numeracy and graduation rates. However, it is my personal opinion that there is still plenty of room for growth.
It is my opinion that a school board member's role and responsibilities are to first and foremost, represent the constituents of the district they serve. This should be done by exercising reasonable care when making decisions, ensuring that information that they may obtain is never used for personal gain along with ensuring that their actions are not inconsistent with the central goals of the district and organization as a whole.
I believe this settlement will be beneficial for districts across Delaware. It is my opinion that this will help all students, regardless of their background or ability to receive the support that they desperately need. This has shown a light on what has been a battle for fairness in public school education in our state. I especially look forward to seeing full funding for K-3 basic special education students, to be consistent with students in grades 4-12 as well as requiring districts to submit a documented necessity for approval of construction and major renovations within their district.