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Lewisburg Borough Council Ward 4

Description of office: There are 6 to 8 council members in each borough with half elected every 2 years. Borough Council members meet once monthly and are responsible for enacting, revising, repealing, and amending ordinances and resolutions that govern and are beneficial to the borough, but are not inconsistent with the laws of the Commonwealth. The Council appoints other borough officers such as secretary, treasurer, solicitor, manager, etc., but no council member can also be a borough employee. The Borough Council has the power to make, authorize, and ratify expenditures for lawful purposes from available funds or from funds borrowed within legal limits. Additionally, each member serves on at least one committee such as planning, police, public works, or finance.Term: 4 yearsSalary: $100 per monthVote for ONE.

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    Marlene Lira

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    Rudy A. Mummey

Información Biográfica

What do you see as the biggest challenge your borough/township faces at this time, and how would you address it?

Education B.A., Liberal Arts, St. John's College, 2008; M.P.H., Epidemiology, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, 2020; Part-time Dr.P.H. Student, Health Policy, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Expected Graduation 2026
Qualifications I am a problem solver and a strategist. As a public health researcher, student, and mom, I synthesize complex data and am always open to expanding my perspectives, yet I am practical and prioritize people. I am hardworking and seek to raise unheard voices.
Although the challenges our borough faces are multiple (e.g., recovering from financial impacts of the pandemic along Market Street, addressing flooding concerns, being a more welcoming community for people of color), an imminent challenge raised by Ward 4 voters is road and pedestrian safety. For example, drivers do not consistently stop for pedestrians along Market Street or at stop signs throughout the borough, and traffic at the intersection of N. 4th St. and Rte. 15 remains congested and dangerous. I would work with the borough council to understand why past initiatives to improve road safety have fallen short and implement a multi-pronged approach to make our roads safer.
Education Hughesville H.S.,1961; Lycoming College, BA, German, Education, 1965; Bucknell University, MSED+30, Education, English, 1970, 1978
Qualifications I taught at Lewisburg Area High School for 39 years, dealing with students, parents, and administrators, representing all social groups. I have lived in the Lewisburg area for the better part of 56 years, 20 years within the Borough, so I believe I know this Borough and this area pretty well.
We need a representative from Ward 4 who lives on the west side of Route15, the "forgotten" part of Ward 4. Many of the past Borough Council members were not residents of the west section of Ward 4. Residents west of Route 15 deserve the same recognition and services as those who live in the other three Wards as well as the “in-town” part of the Ward. Except for St. Mary Street Park, we don't even have the three-globe street lights. Street lighting on the west side of Route 15 needs to be expanded. We need to look at our street projects. Some Ward 4 streets west of Route 15 are in dire need of repair or resurfacing. Matlack Avenue springs to mind. In short, we are tired of being the residents of the Borough “out towards Mifflinburg."