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Union Township Supervisor

Description of office: There are 3 supervisors for each of our local townships, one being elected every 2 years. The Board of Supervisors is the legislative body of the township in setting policy, enacting and enforcing ordinances and resolutions, adopting budgets, and levying taxes. The Supervisors are responsible for planning and zoning, road maintenance, providing for fire and police protection, hiring employees, and the administration of financial affairs. They are also involved with Central Keystone COG, SEDA-COG, sewer enforcement, recreation, and other affairs affecting the health, safety, and welfare of township residents.Term: 6 yearsSalary: $150 per monthVote for ONE.

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    Dan Greak

  • Billy Allred

Información Biográfica

What do you see as the biggest challenge your borough/township faces at this time, and how would you address it?

Education Graduated Class of 1977 from Selinsgrove Area High School
Qualifications Greak Home Improvements since 1985. Skills; estimating, installation, structure/workplace safety, accounting & employee supervision. Greak’s TaeKwon-Do since 1990. It’s my responsibility to teach students in a safe & responsible atmosphere. Help students build strong bodies & strong moral character
Union Township needs Zoning. Townships with no zoning are prime real estate for Landfills to be established. With no zoning residents are susceptible to Bars, Strip Clubs or Adult Bookstores moving next-door. A recent addition of storage buildings in a floodplain is proof that something needs to be established to protect our residents. That project was not engineered in the beginning. The fill/construction debris brought into our township was not removed from a floodplain and then placed in a floodplain as required. That property now displaces over a Million Gallons of Water, seriously impacting all the residents in the Village of Winfield. Our township deserves forward thinking Supervisors that are looking out for all of our Residents.
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