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Mifflinburg Area School District Region 1 School Director

Description of office: School Directors are members of a board that sets policy,determines the annual budget and levies taxes accordingly, evaluates the Superintendent, and monitors student achievement. The Board focuses on governance, while the Superintendent is responsible for the daily operation of the district. Boards meet at least monthly in addition to committee meetings and executive sessions.Term: 4 yearsSalary: NoneVote for ONE.

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    Wendy Hulsizer-McClintock
    (Dem, Rep)

Información Biográfica

Hopefully the pandemic will not be the central concern for K-12 education when new directors come on the board in December 2021. What do you think should be the post-pandemic priorities for the district?

Education BS in Business from DeVry University with a concentration in Human Resource / Employment Law.
Qualifications Over 27 years of Leadership experience within many diverse environments. Managing within a large business forum with ability to influence others. Continues to lead with a proactive approach to ensure delivering results & ensuring our students are the priority. Board member for last 8 years.
The post-pandemic priorities for the district would include maintaining the safety, health and well-being of our students and staff. This includes ensuring our students are at their specified level for courses, and all pandemic related deficiencies have been reduced or eradicated. As a district we need to ensure an emergency plan is in place, and fully established if another emergencies arise; this would mitigate any need to move outside an established plan and change mid-stream. Lastly, we need to stay committed to inspiring educational programs that are adaptable for all students. Enable students to be lifelong learners, reach their potential from any direction, and ensure all demonstrate citizenship in a global society.