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Description of office: School Directors are members of a board that sets policy,determines the annual budget and levies taxes accordingly, evaluates the Superintendent, and monitors student achievement. The Board focuses on governance, while the Superintendent is responsible for the daily operation of the district. Boards meet at least monthly in addition to committee meetings and executive sessions.Term: 4 yearsSalary: NoneVote for ONE.

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    Kevin R. Fry

  • Joshua A. Hunt

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Hopefully the pandemic will not be the central concern for K-12 education when new directors come on the board in December 2021. What do you think should be the post-pandemic priorities for the district?

Education High School Graduate, Milton Area School District; Attended Williamsport Area Community College; Realtor License from Don Paul Shearer Real Estate School
Qualifications Actively served on Milton Area School Board for 22 years. I served three terms as President and six terms as Vice President, including the current term. I have participated in the PSBA School Director trainings over several years and additionally, took various mini-courses related to financing.
I believe many the priorities are similar to the past: 1. Holding the line on taxes and continued discussion regarding tax equalization. 2. Carefully scrutinizing how money is allocated for programs and services within the Board's control. 3. Advocating at the state level for fair funding, especially for rural schools and for more oversight over unfunded mandates. 4. Conducting annual reviews of staffing and student population to make appropriate instructional decisions. 5. Advocate for improved broadband so internet access is more reliable to our families. I am always open to community input and for the past 22 years, I have been very accessible both from home and through my business to hear questions and concerns from my constituents
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