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    B. Divine Lipscomb

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    Gopal Balachandran

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    Richard Biever

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    Jacob R. Werner

Información Biográfica

If elected, what will be your top three priorities, and how will you address them?

Campaign Website https://paunited.org/cantwait/
Date of Birth 12.11.1982
Education Rehabilitation and Human Services Penn State University May '22
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Divine-Lipscomb-for-State-College-Borough-Council-108367151293467
contactemail divineforstatecollege@gmail.com
Restorative Justice: I will address harms caused in government, and in our neighborhoods, in order reestablished trust and community dialogue. through reallocation of funding to support mental health issues, the community oversight board, and efforts like the Centre County Community Conferencing Program. Finally, listening to the voices of the community and governing with them. Housing Justice: implement common sense development practices and the impact to live long residents, while remembering to include our local young professional and our unhoused population in those plans. Economic Justice: There should never be an exception to poverty. Advocating for local ability to push for livable wages not only for students but for locals that are inundated with rising bills and hospitality earnings.
Campaign Website https://paunited.org/cantwait/ https://www.facebook.com/CentralPAUnited/ https://www.facebook.com/BalachandranCouncil/
Date of Birth 3/2/75
Education B.S. University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill M.A. University of Chicago J.D. The George Washington University Law School
Qualifications I worked in the criminal justice system as a public defender for over ten years. I continue to work for criminal justice reform as a clinical professor of law at Penn State. I run a criminal appellate/ post-conviction clinic at the law school. I have a diverse background. My undergraduate degree is in Chemistry and I have a Master's degree in history, along with my J.D. I am a child of immigrants and proud to call State College home.
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BalachandranCouncil/
Twitter @gopalbala75
contactemail gopal.balachandran@gmail.com
First, I want a better balance between policing and the community. I intend on accomplishing this goal with proper, guaranteed (not reserve) funding for the Community Oversight Board and the Civilian Response Team. Both of these units should have real oversight powers and not be simply rubber stamps.

Second, I want sustainable communities with better access to downtown through walking or biking. I am strongly in support of the pilot pedestrian plaza on Allen Street in downtown through the summer months and will fight for better pedestrian cross walks across busy intersections like Park Road and Atherton Street. I want there to be a reimagining of downtown State College as an outdoor, pedestrian friendly, gathering place for residents, families, students and visitors.

Third, I want there to be affordable housing for all. We should allow affordable housing residents to live on the same floor in the high rises and look for more options in places with access to downtown.
Campaign Website https://www.facebook.com/Richard-Biever-A-progressive-voice-for-State-Colleges-Borough-Council-106285324838554
Date of Birth 04/18/1963
Education American Academy of Dramatic Arts, NYC Bachelor of Music Education, Indiana University MFA in Directing for the Musical Theatre, Penn State
Qualifications Borough resident for over 20 years Small business owner severely affected by Covid Political advocate
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Richard-Biever-A-progressive-voice-for-State-Colleges-Borough-Council-106285324838554
contactemail richbiever@gmail.com
1. Reallocations of police funds to social services, such as mental health and homeless shelters. Ideas on this have already been proposed and I would support these based on input from community social service leaders. 2. Affordable housing. One idea is to allow multi-family housing in neighborhoods which would reduce housing costs and make neighborhoods more diverse. Along with this issue is a vision for zoning in the downtown area that takes the long-term health of the borough in terms of climate change and congestion. 3. Universal Basic Income for low-wage earners. Taking Federal pandemic money that comes to the borough and giving it directly to residents who are in most need.
Campaign Website www.facebook.com/JRWStateCollege
Date of Birth 07/11/1975
Education BS--The Pennsylvania State University VMD--University of Pennsylvania
Qualifications I am a proud member of the State College Community and believe in a safe and welcome community that ensures transparency. I believe that the human experience transcends any political party and that all people must have a voice in government. I serve on several national and international boards working with people from various cultural and educational backgrounds to help establish policy and ensure compliance.
Facebook www.facebook.com/JRWStateCollege
contactemail jrw140@gmail.com
State College is not Red or Blue...it is WE ARE! It is my desire to support that sentiment through creating a community of fiscal transparency and responsibility, providing openness and fairness to all, and preserving town character/green space while supporting local business. I would: Call a financial and service audit of the Borough functions including the ABC's to determine appropriate function and use of funds—providing transparency on how funds are spent and assessed including but not limited to fee for services like trash/recycling; Ensure decisions made are done with the voice of the community. All should feel safe and welcome. There can be no animosity or divisiveness within the community starting with council. Everyone has a voice; it is my mission to be the voice for all people in the community; provide feedback and gather input; Establish code on design and construction and institute best practices including open air green areas to entice patronage of local business.