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    Dennis Hameister

  • Franklin Harden

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    Tracey Moriarty

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If elected, what will be your top three priorities, and how will you address them?

Campaign Website www.drhameister.com
Date of Birth Feb. 22, 1943
Education B.S. & M.S. Southern Illinois University, Ph.D. The University of Michigan
Qualifications Harris Township resident since 1978. Twenty-five years as Harris Twp. Supervisor and current Chair. Serving on Centre County Planning Commission, Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority, Chair of Centre Region COG. Chair of PA Local Government Investment Trust. Serving on DEP Storage Tank Advisory Committee.
My priorities are: 1) Ensuring efficient and reliable municipal services, such as road maintenance, neighborhood parks and recreation facilities, fire and police protection, sewer, water, trash and recycling systems, by working cooperatively with local and regional programs. 2) Managing growth and development through good planning principles and efforts of our Planning Commission and the Centre Region Planning Agency. Of particular interest is preservation of open space and working with our agricultural community to increase success by diversifying their operations. Affordable workforce housing is also important for Township growth and development. 3) Providing safe, efficient, and affordable transportation in Harris Township is important because all residents depend on transportation. Current issues include sidewalks and bike paths connecting neighborhoods, intersection safety and highway design, encouraging use of CATA, safe bridges, and improvements to U.S. Route 322.
Campaign Website none
Date of Birth June 13, 1951
Education B.S. in Economics from PSU
Qualifications Career of Management and Sales; 5 1/2 years as Harris Township Supervisor, 8 years US Navy Submarine Service.
Facebook harden4harris
Twitter none
contactemail fharden@harristownship.org
My priority has been and will remain to serve the people of Harris Township. This drives my decisions. We have accomplished a lot of good things in the past 6 years. Going forward there is a lot of challenges for the Board of Supervisors. We have been very good at fiscal management, however there has been growth keeping up with expenses. Growth may not continue at that rate, so we will need to pay attention to expenses and level of services. The other area that is a potential issue is Parks & Recreation. With our growth, to maintain and create new opportunities, we will need to be fiscally responsible.
Campaign Website Traceyforsupervisor.org
Date of Birth October 7, 1966
Education BS from Penn State in Finance Minor in German MS from Penn State in Finance
Qualifications Lived in township for 22 years Business owner in the township since 2012 (Duffy's Boalsburg Tavern) Boalsburg Village Conservancy Member Boalsburg Wine Walk Organizer Memorial Day Bagpiper I truly care about the people of this township and open communication
Facebook Traceyforsupervisor
contactemail TraceyforSupervisor@gmail.com
1. Enhance communication between the supervisors and the residents of Harris Township. • Understand the issues that are important to residents. • Enhance the flow of information by better utilizing Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, the website, texting, and even snail mail.

2. Enhance intercommunication of separate governmental groups in Harris Township. • Ensure the flow of communication within the township is open and transparent. • Encourage an open and positive dialog for the betterment of the people of Harris Township.

3. Ensure that Harris Township maintains the character and charm it has always had and on which it prides itself. Understand and monitor the growth of the township. • Be environmentally conscious and concerned. • Listen to the residents and know their needs and concerns.